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One-Pan Meals For Every Day of the Week

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Dec 7, '16

Get your cast iron ready! Our current menu is full of meals that only require one pot or one pan and 30 minutes from start to table. Our meal delivery service is built on a commitment to realistic cook times thanks to pre-prepped ingredients. We want to help everyone, even the most amateur home cooks, put a healthy dinner on the table quickly, and clean up fast! We do half the work for you (including all of the bad parts like chopping onions… yuck!) leaving more time for the fun parts of cooking. Since you are probably really busy this time of year, here’s an entire week of one-pot meals to take you from Sunday supper to Saturday morning brunch and everywhere in between.


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Basic Kitchen Tools For Any Beginner Home Chef

Posted by Justine Fritz on Tue, Dec 6, '16

There are a few basic kitchen tools needed to cook everything from the simple meals in a meal delivery kit to elaborate pastries. The holiday season is a great time to help the beginner cook in your life equip their kitchen, and many of the basic tools make great stocking stuffers because they are both small and inexpensive. Here are some of our favorite kitchen tools for mixing and measuring your way to a delicious dinner.

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7 Healthy Habits In A Supercharged Morning Routine

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Dec 2, '16

Developing a morning routine and focusing on mindfulness instead of chaos will set the tone for your entire day. If you often feel disorganized or overwhelmed in the morning, designing a morning routine can help alleviate stressors. Often, these moments of intention and stillness are the only ones you are going to get all day! Be realistic when developing your morning rituals to ensure you can really commit to starting this healthy habit. Here are seven elements that make up a supercharged morning routine; mix and match them to find the combination that works best for you.

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Give the Gift of Terra’s Kitchen

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Dec 2, '16

Just in time for the holiday season, we are pleased to announce that you can now purchase Terra's Kitchen Gift Cards on our website. TK gift cards are the ideal way to give the Terra’s Kitchen experience to people you love.

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4 Tips for Meal Planning During the Holidays

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Nov 29, '16

Meal planning around shopping, work events, fitness classes, your kids’ activities and other commitments is challenging enough without it being the holiday season. You don’t have to give up on homemade dinners simply because the upcoming pages of your calendar are packed with seasonal commitments. Having a meal plan of quick dinners minimizes stress, keeps you on track, and saves a bit of money is always a good thing, especially this time of year. Use our steps to master meal planning this holiday season before you turn the page for the new year.

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25 Family Mealtime Conversation Starters

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Nov 24, '16

Terra’s Kitchen was founded to help reconnect families around the dinner table, but we aren’t only focused on delivering convenient and healthy homemade meals. We believe real connection starts by talking over dinner and we don’t mean boring chit chat. Each of our recipes include #TableTalk conversation starters that will turn rushed mealtime exchanges into real bonding experiences. Try using one (or more) of these questions at your next weeknight dinner or large family gathering to bypass awkward small talk and get straight to the good stuff.

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Our Top 4 Seasonal Ingredients & How To Use Them

Posted by Justine Fritz on Thu, Nov 24, '16

Your holiday table wouldn't be complete without dishes made from seasonal ingredients like cranberries, Brussels sprouts, apples, and pumpkins. If you need inspiration, we recently featured each of these ingredients as Thanksgiving side dishes, simple decorations, gluten free desserts, and even on our meal kit menu.  Here are Libbie Summers' tips for cooking, storing and identifying the best fruits and vegetables to use in your holiday recipes.

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A Note of Thanks From The TK Team

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Nov 23, '16

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3 Steps To Enjoying A Mindful Holiday Meal

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Nov 22, '16

Thanksgiving kicks of a season of traditionally gluttonous holiday meals. The holiday season is a great time to start the practice of mindful eating because you will be able to continue to build on this habit all year long. Not only will you eat less, but you will enjoy eating more and experience less guilt and anxiety around food. Before you fill your plate for your next holiday meal, slow down and follow Dr. Lisa's intentional approach to holiday meals.

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