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4 Animal Themed After School Snacks

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Sep 23, '16

Motivating picky eaters can feel like an impossible task. If your challenge is getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, try transforming ordinary fruits and veggies into extraordinarily fun animals. Here are some of our favorite ways to play with our food, by turning it into cute creatures.

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Friday [Dinner], I’m In Love

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Sep 23, '16

It’s 4:45 on a Friday—the bewitching hour. The sun has been shining in your 3rd floor window all day, mocking you and your 9-to-5 schedule. There are still 25 emails to answer and all you can think about is a glass of wine and a quiet homemade dinner, even though you’ll have to settle for a light beer and Chinese takeout because going to the grocery would be like going into battle right now. Then nothing short of a miracle happens. When you finally get home, your husband hands you a glass of wine and reminds you that he’s making dinner. You look at him in awe. “Didn’t you get my email?” he asks.

District of Columbia, 2016

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A Denim DIY For Your Dinner Table

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Sep 22, '16

When it comes to fall fashion, in jeans we trust! Stop torturing yourself fit into last season’s jeans, try upcycling them into a fun indigo tablescape that is anything but basic. To create these adorable jean pocket flatware holders for a table of four, you only need one pair of jeans and a good pair of scissors. So pull that old worn pair off the bottom of your pile, and bring them to the dinner table instead and reminisce about where those jeans have taken you.

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5 Quick Globally Inspired Dinners

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Sep 22, '16

Don’t become a victim of boring meals for the sake of convenience! From schnitzel to souvlaki to puttanesca, our fresh meal recipes will broaden your horizons to flavors beyond our borders. Stamp your culinary passport with these quick, healthy meals inspired by unique cuisine from around the world.

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Avocados - The Healthy Superfood Your Body Is Craving

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Sep 21, '16

Trendy health food avocados are a staple in almost every healthy diet -- probably yours included. Any self-respecting fitness or nutrition blogger has already done a post of about the beauty of avocado toast, how to make an avocado facial, or next-level ways to use avocados. We all know avocados are healthy, but what exactly do they do? Here are a few of our favorite benefits that will inspire you to add more green goodness to your menu this week.

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Upgrading Dinner With Terra’s Kitchen - A Millennial Success Story

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Sep 19, '16


Over Thanksgiving my dad informed me that I was a millennial. I was offended because I obviously have nothing in common with those 22-year olds that everyone hates so much. To win the argument, I did what any reasonable person would do, I Googled it.

It turns out, it was worse than my dad’s accusation. I’m officially what they call an “Aging Millennial” and I’m on the old end of the spectrum. Sweet.

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5 Trainers & Nutritionists Put Healthy Meal Delivery To The Test

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Sep 15, '16


There are so many ways to refuel your body in between workouts from green smoothies, to protein bars, to cold pressed juice, but nothing beats a good dinner made with whole foods. Trying to find the right diy meal kit for you with tons of options to choose from can feel almost impossible, which is why we asked five of our favorite fitness and nutrition bloggers to try Terra's Kitchen and tell us how it performed for them. Keep reading to find out how our healthy meal delivery complemented their active lifestyles.

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Don’t Tell Her It’s A Healthy Dinner

Posted by Justine Fritz on Wed, Sep 14, '16

You swore your child would eat everything. That is, until she didn’t. While the hipsters’ kids eat mostly Paleo or whole foods, yours subsists on what can only be described as the beige food diet: chicken nuggets, fries and bread. In the modern word of farm-to-table eating, your child is still freezer-to-fork. You worry she will grow up pasty and preserved, living out a life of culinary colorlessness. So you bring her into the kitchen and together you riff on the traditional. It’s not a complete overhaul—you still deliver on the chicken—but even she agrees it’s an upgrade.  

Hoboken, New Jersey, 2016


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Kids Adventures Bites In Our TK Kitchen

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Sep 13, '16

Terra's Kitchen fits into each family's life in a different way, which is why we asked members of our team to tell us how fresh meal delivery is making an impact on their lives. Our team is diverse including everyone from seasoned parents, to a couple with a newborn, to 30-somethings with no kids, to single guys living in the city, and interns who are fresh out of college. All of our tables look different, but with the help of meal boxes from Terra's Kitchen we can all put healthy dinners on the table more and more often.


Today's story is from Megan, our Director of Partner Relations and mom to 6 and  8 year old girls. By day she is focused on running events and corporate partnerships for TK while also making sure her girls get to horseback riding and karate on time. Like most parents, she finds its easy to choose the path of least resistance when it comes to dinner menus, but that is where Terra's Kitchen steps in.

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