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5 Facts About Our Eco-Friendly Packaging: The TK Vessel

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Jun 1, '16


At Terra's Kitchen, we are constantly working to improve our processes to be as sustainable as possible. When making choices about our suppliers and even our packaging, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our packaging is often the first thing people notice about Terra’s Kitchen. Our innovative shipping container, the vessel, isn’t disposable and the technology inside allows us to deliver pre-prepped ingredients fresh to your door. Keep reading to learn more about how the vessel is able to deliver chopped ingredients


1) Our box is reusable and built to last. The Terra’s Kitchen Vessel is so durable that it can be reused up to 100 times. We clean and sanitize each vessel upon return before filling it up with healthy delicious Terra’s Kitchen meals and shipping it to another customer.


2) Minimal waste!
An average meal prep kit creates 500 lbs per year of cardboard, ice packs, plastic, paper and styrofoam waste (most of which isn’t even recyclable). Our Terra’s Kitchen Vessel is sent back to be refilled and reused many times over. We do require a bit of packaging for FDA compliance, and we have ensured those plastic containers are both stackable and recyclable. We love finding ways to upcycle and reuse the containers.


3) No matter the weather, your food is fresh.
The vessel will keep your food at refrigerated levels of 33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit until 9pm on your delivery day on even the hottest days. This is possible thanks to built in insulation and reusable ice blocks that are sent back to be reused many times over.


4) Know your food is safe.
Not only is your food kept at the optimum temperature throughout the shipping process, you have confirmation that your food hasn’t been tampered with in transit thanks to Tyvek tamper bands on the outside of the vessel and individual seals on each ingredient.


5) Choose the mix that is right for you.
The vessel is filled to your specifications every time, and you are never locked into a specific subscription - change anytime! Our customers can choose from  meals on our current menu based on the size of their table. With each order they also can order a la carte proteins like applewood bacon or chicken breasts and grab n go snack and lunch items like our TK Hummus with Multigrain Pita & Veggies

Ready to start filling up your first vessel? Click below to check out our current menu and to get started!

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