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Terra's Kitchen Featured in Forbes Finds

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Jun 29, '18

Terra’s Kitchen was recently reviewed in a roundup by Forbes Finds, “Meals Delivered To Your Home: These Sites Will Bring Out The Chef In You.

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5 Weight Loss Secrets of Busy People (+ A BurnAlong Discount)

Posted by BurnAlong on Tue, May 22, '18

We’re excited to partner with BurnAlong, an on-demand platform to access hundreds of exercise and wellness classes, available whenever you want on your phone, computer, tablet or TV. Terra’s Kitchen members get a special discount. Visit BurnAlong and use code TK49 for 60% off an annual membership. Be sure to check out the videos of Terra’s Kitchen’s nutrition team!

BurnAlong’s team shared five tips for how they’ve been able to lose weight and keep it off:

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Featured Recipe: Grilled Vegetable Bowtie Pasta

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, May 2, '18

It's easy to see why this recipe quickly became one of our most popular Instagram posts. It combines the best seasonal vegetables and gives you a perfect opportunity to fire up the grill. Plus, it introduces a new twist on pesto that combines cilantro and pepitas instead of the usual basil and pine nuts.

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How to Thaw Meat Quickly and Safely

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Apr 30, '18

We ship proteins frozen in our eco-friendly vessel to ensure optimal freshness. As you unpack your order, choose which proteins you want to cook right away and store the rest in your freezer. Use these tips to thaw your meat quickly and safely when you're ready to start cooking.

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5 Reasons to Love the Mediterranean Diet

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Mar 27, '18

Ahh, imagine yourself on a beach in Greece. The sun is shining gently on your face and the sound of waves crashing is so relaxing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live like this every day? Well, you can through your diet! The Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy way to live with significance placed on foods like fresh fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies. There are so many amazing benefits to the Mediterranean diet, chefs and doctors are singing its praises.  Here are just a few of the reasons why we enjoy it:

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New Scientific Proof that the Mediterranean Diet Works

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Mar 27, '18

The Mediterranean diet received a lot of attention at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference last week after new studies revealedthe potential to prevent cognitive decline through lifestyle interventions.” 

Results from four large population-based studies support a strong connection between a healthy diet and better cognition as people age. One study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine found that, "Eating a healthy plant-based diet is associated with better cognitive function and around 30% to 35% lower risk of cognitive impairment during aging."

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Terra’s Kitchen Featured on “The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Your Healthy-Eating Needs”

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Mar 26, '18 recently included Terra’s Kitchen in their roundup of choosing the best meal kit for your healthy-eating needs, noting “the bonus of all the ingredients coming ready to use and some meals even ready to eat.” Check out the full review below!

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7 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet + Your Shopping List

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Mar 26, '18


All of the meals at Terra's Kitchen are created based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet. While it's typically referred to as the Mediterranean diet, it's really a lifestyle. Inspired by the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, the lifestyle focuses on colorful fruits and vegetables, nuts, heart-healthy fats (like olive oil and avocados) and minimizes red meat, sugar, and saturated fat.

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Meet Our New Shopping Experience

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Mar 14, '18

Making healthy eating easy is integral to our mission at Terra's Kitchen and that's why we're excited to introduce a brand new shopping experience. We listened to your feedback and used it to develop a more streamlined experience with more information and tools to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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