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15 Easy Sauce Recipes In 30 Seconds (Or Less!)

Written by Terra | Sat, Aug 6, '16

Sometimes your meal just needs a little something extra to take it from simple to great. We believe that most of the time, the best upgrades are simple. You don’t have to command mastery of culinary sauce theory, and you don’t even have to know the recipe for an Espagnole, a Béchamel, or even a Hollandaise to step up your sauce game.

These easy sauce recipes are all 30 seconds to make, each with only 3 ingredients from your pantry, plus salt & pepper to taste. Just stir or blend, season, and you’re done!

Burger Sauces - Move beyond basics with these interesting takes on classic burger sauces. Add lettuce, tomato, and onion and your burger is dressed to impress.

  1. Honey + Spicy Brown Mustard
  2. Spicy Mustard + Porter (or another dark bitter beer) + Honey
  3. Curry Powder + Mayonnaise + Lemon Juice
  4. Chipotle in Adobo Sauce + Lime juice + Mayonnaise
  5. Avocado + Goat Cheese + Lime Juice
  6. Avocado + Sour Cream + Basil

Pasta Sauces - Add these sauces to any noodle dish. (And did you know you can add whole wheat penne to any order for only $2.50? That’s a no brainer.)

  1. Peanut Butter + Soy Sauce + Chili Paste
  2. Chili Sauce + Orange Juice + Vinegar
  3. Chopped Bacon + Ranch Dressing + Sour Cream or Mayonnaise

Salad Sauces - Don’t believe us that sauces belong on salads? These two make cameos on our menu on the Terra Buddha Bowl and the Happy Chicken Salad bowl, so try them for yourself.

  1. Avocado + Lime Juice + Water
  2. Lemon Juice + Scallions + Olive Oil

Dipping Sauces - A good sauce doesn’t have to be the star of the show. As a supporting act, these sauces are perfect for chips, fries, bread … anything, really!

  1. Salsa + Sour Cream
  2. Ketchup + Sriracha + Honey
  3. Dijon + Grated Parmesan + Sour Cream
  4. Chopped Bacon + Shredded Cheddar Cheese + Sour Cream

Many of our recipes include simple sauces you can make in a snap. Check out our menu to learn even more easy cooking techniques.