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20 Things You Won’t Miss About Grocery Shopping

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Jul 20, '17

Row of Shopping Carts You Left Behind After Switching To A Meal Delivery Service Like Terra's Kitchen

As an adult you have no choice but to power through many tasks that you don’t enjoy because nobody is going to do them for you. That’s what they call “adulting,” right? For many, it’s tough to find the motivation to hit the grocery store after work. Fortunately, meal delivery services are making it possible to eliminate unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Terra’s Kitchen not only delivers fresh, prepped ingredients for make-at-home meals, but we also offer healthy options for breakfast, lunch and even snacks. Here are a few things you won’t miss about grocery shopping when you switch to a meal delivery service instead!

  1. Dreading leaving the house again or making an extra stop on the way home after a busy day. You just want to relax, not spend your free-time buying groceries.
  2. Facing serious obstacles the minute your car hits the parking lot. From the rogue carts left right in the middle of the last available spot, to wishing you were pregnant so you could park in the first spot reserved for expecting mothers… this shopping trip is not off to a good start.
  3. Navigating the store via the list you made at home. Why is it so hard to remember to organize your list based on the store layout?
  4. Say it with me, “Broken shopping carts!” You know, the carts that won’t drive straight because they need a wheel alignment. Or better yet, the ones with a screeching wheel that you hope will somehow get better, but never does.
  5. Trying to find the best produce, but everything looks super dirty or has you wondering how many people touched it before you.
  6. Getting seduced by beautiful or exotic-looking ingredients (and maybe even buying them) but remembering that you have no clue how to prepare them. We’re looking at you dragon fruit!
  7. Hunting for items that aren’t where they logically should be! Like when you go down the pasta aisle to get some penne, but it’s spot on the shelf is empty. You’re not sure if it’s out of stock or if someone left the last box next to the peanut butter!
  8. People blocking the entire aisle while they try to make a decision on which type of cereal to buy.
  9. Being pressured to buy way more than you need just to get a discount. In reality you probably only need and have room in your fridge for one gallon of ice cream, but it’s so easy to get tricked into buying five just to get one free!
  10. All the signs, tags, and sales! You shouldn’t have to be a mathematician to figure out if 3 for $10 is a better deal than the “Everyday low price.”
  11. Not being able to find what you want because it is located in the mostly similar but slightly different enough section of the store.
  12. Struggling because none of the items you need are anywhere near each other, especially staples like bread and milk, so you truly have to walk the entire store to get the things on your list.
  13. Waiting in line at the self checkout behind someone who has clearly never done this before.
  14. Trying to use the express lane but getting stuck behind somebody who has way more than “15 Items or Less.”
  15. Waiting in a super-long line during prime shopping hours because for some reason there is only one register open. Who made the schedule? Did everyone call out sick?
  16. Procrastinators. They’re the ones who’ve been waiting in line to pay just as long as you have, but for some reason they wait until the very last minute to start looking for their wallet so they can pay.
  17. The guilt of forgetting to bring your reusable bags [again] and so much waste. Paper, plastic, whichever you choose, now you just have more trash to throw away.
  18. Waiting on price checks. The item won’t scan and now you have to wait for someone from that department to make their way to the register to tell you how much it costs. And they’re in no rush.
  19. Arriving at the store with a very specific list and leaving with a full cart, but none of the things on your actual list.
  20. And worst of all, forgetting that one, super-important item. You spent all this time in the grocery store, avoiding the carts in the parking lot, maneuvering around the aisle blockers, and finding what you need in the places they don’t belong. You’ve waited in the only open line in the store, eyed down those impulse buys at the register, and finally loaded your car to get back home. Uh oh, you forgot to buy the dog food!

Hopefully this list has given you a little taste of the annoying parts of grocery shopping that you can skip… for good with a meal delivery service like Terra’s Kitchen. If you’re ready to find some extra time in your day, click below to learn more about how TK works and to get started.

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