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3 Winning Football Tailgate Menus

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Sat, Oct 14, '17

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From Friday night lights, to college gameday and NFL Sunday, we love spending fall weekends at football tailgates. Regardless of who you’re cheering for this football season, having the right food for your tailgate will help make gameday even more memorable and fun. Here are a few tailgating menus we plan on serving this season as we support our favorite teams.

Traditional Tailgate Menu

  • A simple salsa is a must-have for any traditional tailgate. Versatile TK pico de gallo will do the trick as an appetizer, or you can even spoon it over your whatever you will be grilling later Your mouth will thank you for the added freshness and flavor!
  • Sliders are always easier to eat at a party, which is why we suggest adding Black Bean Sliders to your menu. They’re vegetarian, but that’s not the only thing that makes them great! These tiny burgers are a good source of all kinds of nutrients from calcium to iron so you can enjoy them guilt-fee.
  • For your main course, we suggest serving Blue Cheeseburgers with Balsamic Onions. You can even make the sweet potato fries to serve on the side and we suggest pairing with a pale ale like Duckpin from Union Craft Brewing. The hoppy bitterness is a great contrast to the blue cheese.
  • Another easy option is to create

Tailgate cooler 


Health-Conscious Tailgate

  • Instead of traditional dips that are usually loaded with cheese and not super healthy, try one of our 2-ingredient yogurt dips instead. You can use these with your choice of vegetable chips or veggies. Or if you want something that is even easier, order our Hummus with Pita Chips and Vegetables for an appetizer that is ready to enjoy.
  • Grilled Vegetable Bowtie Pasta is a great choice to make ahead of time so you can chill at the  tailgate instead of spending all of your time manning the grill. This dish does double duty as it can serve as both a side dish or as a main course for any vegetarian fans in attendance.
  • While you’re mixing things up, try this unconventional take on chicken salad. The recipe for Curried Chicken Salad Flatbreads can be made ahead of time and kept in the cooler until you’re ready to serve it. Pair with a glass of floral, fragrant Gewürztraminer wine.

 Football players eating healthy snacks


Fancy Tailgate

  • Take your tailgate up a notch with a cheese plate as an appetizer instead of chips and dip. You can save time by adding one of our Crackers, Brie, Cheddar and Grapes snacks to your next order. It’s sturdy packaging won’t get crushed in your cooler and everything is ready to plate and serve!
  • Just because you’re grilling doesn’t mean you can’t try some international flavors at your tailgate! Try our recipes for Asian Turkey Burgers or Curry Turkey Burgers with Mango Chutney

Crackers, Brie, Cheddar and Grapes

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