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3 Healthy Burger Recipes to Make in Your Backyard

Written by Terra | Fri, Jul 15, '16

Save hot dogs for the ballpark this summer. When you’re grilling at home, make it a burger. From sliders, to pickles, to vegetarian and gluten-free burgers, we have you covered. Here’s your burger summer bucket-list, time to start checking them off!

Healthy Burger Recipes

1. Ball Hawk Sliders

 These sliders were inspired by Ed Reed, they pack a lot of flavor into perfectly sized portions. The burger patty alone combines onion, cilantro, cumin, and a little chipotle salsa with our ground turkey that is all-natural and humanely-treated with no hormones or antibiotics. Of course every burger should have at least one crazy-good topping, so we top it off with sweet browned chipotle spiced onions and who could forget cheddar cheese. Want to make this meal gluten-free? Just leave off the bun!

2. Creamy Black Bean Sliders

 No need to cook two meals to satisfy both vegetarians and carnivores! These black bean sliders are sure to please everyone at your table. The chipotle cream salsa has the right mix of spice and chill, and paired with a basic avocado mash and cilantro garnish and a toasted bun these spicy little sliders will definitely make it into your summer rotation.

3. Asian Spiced Turkey Burgers

 Impress your dinner guests by drawing on Asian influences for our final burger of the trifecta. Start your quick pickles, and by the time you cook your soy and sesame spiced turkey patties, you will be adding even more green to an already saturated plate. Since these burgers are an excellent source of potassium, protein, vitamin A, and iron you can absolutely justify pouring a Belgian Ale or two to top off the evening.

4. BONUS! You don’t have to stick to one of our recipes, you can add our high quality proteins like ground chuck, ground turkey or even applewood bacon to your vessel each week to whip up your personal favorite burger recipe.

Share your creations with us on social media using #tklife. We can wait to see what you come up with!