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3 Ways To Serve Healthy After School Snacks Kids Will Love

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Oct 21, '15

Looking for easy ways to serve up healthy after school snacks that your kids will actually eat? Try involving them in the process! These three strategies are easy to plan and execute, and you can adjust portion sizes as needed depending on whether there’s a sports practice, lesson, or if dinner will be later than normal.

3 Ways to Serve Healthy After School Snacks Kids Will Love

  1. Make a snack box or drawer.

Clean out the junk drawer or create a special snack box in the kitchen and turn it over to the kids. Fill it with an assortment of healthy, mom-approved snacks – think granola bars (look for ones that are lower in added sugars and higher in fiber and protein), mini Larabars, portioned out bags of trail mix, or dried fruit- and let kids help themselves to one after school.

  1. Serve up a cheese plate.

Plate up a mix of sliced, shredded, or diced cheese; crackers, pita chips, or tortillas; raw snap peas, sliced cucumber, or cherry tomatoes; and sliced apples, grapes, or dried apricots. Let them help themselves to the assortment.

  1. Blend up a smoothie.

Let the kids choose fruits-banana, frozen berries, kiwi, pineapple- to add to a simple yogurt-based smoothie. Work together to prep the ingredients and let them adjust the mix by adding a little OJ, milk, honey, cocoa powder, and/or vanilla. Smoothies are an excellent way to prepare a snack together and there are lots of fun smoothie recipes to keep it exciting!

And remember: A snack should be smaller than a meal since it’s just meant to tide your kids over until dinner. You want them to be hungry by the time dinner rolls around since it will increase the likelihood that they will eat what you make.

What are some healthy after school snack strategies that have worked with your kids?


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