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3 Ways to Step Up Your Side Dishes

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Sun, Feb 12, '17


Most Americans do not get the recommended 5 servings per day of fruit and vegetables. There are many reasons for this. It can feel like unnecessary work to add a side dish to your meal delivery kit dinner that does not include options for customization. You don’t have to resort to this excuse though, here are three ways you can improve your side dishes and start enjoying them with your meals more often.

1.) Choose fresh over frozen or canned vegetables. Fresh vegetables are always better than ones that are preserved by freezing or canning. Canned vegetables include quite a few undesirable ingredients due to their preservation methods, and the sodium levels can be way higher than what is truly healthy. Frozen vegetables are usually blanched first which removes some of the nutrients that you would get from a fresh option. Additionally, the nutritive value in frozen veggies degrades over time. So, when you take a look at that icy bag of peas in the back of your freezer and opt for something like our new prepared sides that are convenient without sacrificing nutritional value.


2.) Try new preparation methods. Even if you are eating some of the same ingredients a few times a week, expand your menu by using different preparation methods. Each of our side dishes come with three different healthy preparation methods so you are sure to find at least one that you haven’t tried before. We included sweet and savory preparations on each recipe card so you can complement whatever you are eating for your main course.

3.) Keep things exciting! It is easy to fall into a meal rut of making the same things just because they are easy. Sides don’t always have to be vegetables. You can choose fresh fruit, or even a small salad to balance out your meal. Look at the nutritional information for your main course and think about what you are missing, and use your side dishes to fill that void. We rank our meals on the Terra’s Kitchen Nutrition Score which allows us to measure the overall nutrition of the meal using things like fiber content, anti-inflammatory ingredients, heart healthy fats and overall nutritional content. Use your side dish choices to add nutritients in the areas your main course may be missing.


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