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30 Activities & Foods To Try Before Fall Ends

Written by Justine Fritz | Mon, Nov 21, '16

Days are getting shorter (and colder!), so before winter is officially here, check these fun fall experiences and flavors off your fall bucket list list.

1. Pick your own apples at a local orchard. Experiment with new ways of cooking with apples. Try putting them on a salad or using them in a sweet and sour side dish.
2. Catch the last show of the season at the drive in theater. Pack plenty of warm blankets, plush pillows, and healthy snacks for a cozy movie experience.
3. Make your own soup. Try our Turkey Meatball and Kale Orzo Soup or our recipe for Shrimp Coconut Curry Soup. If you have leftovers, you can freeze them for another day.


4. Invite your closest crew over for a Friendsgiving celebration before things get too hectic in December.
5. Slow down and relax on the weekends. Put on our playlist of Chill Fall Tunes playlist during breakfast to get in relaxation mode.
6. Pull your plaid shirts, scarves and boots out of the back of your closet.
7. Whether you are on a mountainous drive or jumping into a huge pile of leaves, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of fall foliage.


8. Enjoy a brisk evening around the fire pit with friends. Try our recipe for lavender marshmallow smores for an adult take on a childhood favorite.
9. Eat or drink something pumpkin flavored, and it doesn’t have to be a latte. Here is a recipe that we developed for a Pumpkin & Coconut Mousse that is vegan, low sugar, and gluten free.
10. Try other fall flavors that aren’t pumpkin! Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy seasonal trends.
11. Visit your local farmer’s market or farm stand to shop for seasonal ingredients.



12. Bake a pie and add a little pizzazz with one of these pie crimping techniques from our Creative Culinary Director, Libbie Summers.
13. Switch to a fall seasonal beer from a local brewery. We love the Foxy Red IPA from Union Brewing in our hometown of Baltimore.
14. Cheer on your favorite football team at a tailgate or watch party. Make TK loaded nachos to serve to your guests!



15. Eat your last pieces of Halloween candy (if it is still lingering) or donate it to a worthy cause like Operation Gratitude.
16. Try a fall beauty trend like dark nail polish or red lips.
17. Support a friend who is participating in Movember. Or, if beards are more your thing, check out Ulman Cancer Fund’s Beard Off Challenge.



18. Get creative with after-school snacks. Try these ideas for making animals out of fruits and veggies.
19. Take advantage of clear nights for a bit of stargazing.
20. Visit local thrift stores and find a piece of furniture to renovate for your home.
21. Throw a chili cook off with your friends. Try our Cowgirl Chili and Mexican Chicken Chili recipes side by side see which one gets the most votes.



22. Plan a weekend getaway somewhere close that you’ve never visited.
23. Transition your wine collection from whites and roses to reds.
24. Switch your morning coffee from iced to hot. Try new the latest seasonal blend from your favorite roaster.  Think about setting up a coffee subscription so you never run out on a cold morning.
25. Find some new fall gear and either donate or upcycle your old stuff. You can upcycle old denim into flatware holders in this easy DIY project.



26. Can or freeze seasonal foods when you have extra.
27. Test indoor workouts because winter is coming. During the winter months, we love going to yoga at our local Core Power Yoga studio or to a spin class at Baltimore’s Merritt Athletic Club.
28. Start a family dinner tradition that goes past Thanksgiving. Start by committing to making dinner together 2-3 days per week and you will see the health benefits!
29. Share TK with a friend and earn free meals.
30. Get ready for the holidays by adding a few simple decorations to your dinner table.



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