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4 Animal Themed After School Snacks

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Sep 23, '16

Motivating picky eaters can feel like an impossible task. If your challenge is getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables, try transforming ordinary fruits and veggies into extraordinarily fun animals. After school snacks are a great opportunity to play with our food, by turning it into cute creatures.

  1. Octopuses are super smart, and because they have no bones, squeeze through tiny spaces. As you are making this octopus from a bell pepper, tell the story of Inky the octopus that escaped from an aquarium in New Zealand through a drain pipe and into the bay. To make this funny little snack, start with the Avocado Goat Cheese spread from our chicken taco recipe. Next, cut the top third off of the bell pepper. Remove the seeds and slice the pepper into strips. Take two slices of black olives and use goat cheese dip to adhere to the bell pepper where eyes would be. Spread dip over a plate or bowl. Place Octopus head in the middle of the plate and arrange "legs" coming in and out of the water. 
  2. Turtles eat a diet that is full of the plants that live in the same water they they do. Upcycle and recycle your Terra’s Kitchen trays to help ensure plastics do not end up back in our oceans and waterways where many turtles live and feed. This snack is simple to make, by slicing your apple into thin round pieces right above the core. Sprinkle some lemon juice (just a tiny bit!) on the apple pieces so they don’t turn brown. Next, thinly slice your grapes to form the turtle’s shell decor, arms, legs, tail and head. Lastly, use some of the grape stems for eyes, and you’re done! 
  3. Sheep were domesticated 10,000 years ago in Central Asia and their wool helped to support the growth of civilization and international trade. Those little lambs had a big impact on our society! As we move into fall and winter, you will likely be adding some wool to your wardrobe to keep warm. Honor the sheep with this quick snack requiring only a few pieces of cauliflower, and an olive for the sheep’s head and legs. 
  4. Bunnies may be associated with the Easter season, but many people keep them as pets all year round! Rabbits are most active at dusk and dawn, and enjoy both fruits and vegetables in their diet, not just carrots! Try combining our Hummus Grab N Go with Annie's Cheddar Bunnies for a playful snack-a-lapin!

After school snacks don’t need to be this over the top on a daily basis. If you are in a rut for healthy snacks, lunches, or even dinners, check out our full menu for some inspiration. All of our meal delivery kits come with pre-prepped ingredients to save you time and make room for your real life.