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4 Big Health Benefits of Cooking

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Tue, May 2, '17

You can come up with a million reasons to not cook at home. It’s hard to fit into your schedule. Meal planning is impossible. No one in the family likes the same thing. Grocery shopping takes up way too much time. If you can think of an excuse, you can apply it to cooking.

But let’s take a step back. For as many reasons not to cook, there are twice as many as to why you should. Besides bringing families closer together and learning new skills in the kitchen, the health benefits of cooking are fantastic. Here are a few reasons why you should toss that takeout menu and get to work.

  • Keep calories in check. It’s no secret that fast food restaurants serve meals with astronomical amounts of calories, but did you know that even nicer establishments can spike up the calories in their meals, too? By cooking at home, you’re not only saving calories, but you understand just what’s going into what you’re eating. 
  • Portion control. Since the 1970s, portion sizes have grown in the American restaurant industry over the years. Larger portion sizes lead to your body taking in more than what it can handle to maintain proper body weight. When cooking at home, you have complete and total control over your portion sizes. Familiarize yourself with the proper portion sizes for the different foods you eat.
  • Food quality. When cooking at home, you know exactly what is going into your meal. You have a say in how fresh and healthy your ingredients are going to be. Enjoy your peace of mind when you know that your food was cooked at the proper temperature, as well.
  • Food Allergies. Food allergies are very common these days. If you have one, you know how annoying it can be to ask your server what exactly is in the dish you’re ordering. Work around your allergy by finding foods that you know make you feel good. Then, learn how to use them.



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