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4 Popular Vegetarian Meals Bloggers Keep Ordering

Posted by Terra on Wed, Aug 24, '16

A vegetarian diet does not mean boring meals or going hungry, and who better to ask to test our vegetarian meals than top vegetarian bloggers like Oh My Veggies? After allowing our bloggers to pick their own meals and try them out at home with their families, these are the meals that keep coming back with glowing reviews.

1. The Terra Buddha Bowl is our most popular vegetarian menu item for bloggers. Ashley from Oh My Veggies told us that she loved that it was “simple but flavorful, and no processed ingredients.” This meal is vegan and gluten free, and with its beautiful presentation and amazing flavor, we have no doubt that it will continue to be a favorite for vegetarians -- and everyone else!
Terra Buddah Bowl



2. Tacos always seem to be a winner, even with non-vegetarians. Kelly from Eat Yourself Skinny chose the Sweet Potato Tacos because they “looked crazy delicious” and they “surprisingly turned out to be [her] hubby’s favorite.” Adrian from Dad or Alive ordered them too, and his kids enthusiastically approved.

Sweet Potato Tacos



3. Katie from Healthy Seasonal Recipes branched out and tried our Vegetable Fried Ricewhich exposed her to the “starring vegetable bok choy." This meal is a great way to indulge without going overboard, and offers suggestions like topping the rice with a fried egg (YUM!).
Vegetable Fried Rice


4. Lastly, bloggers seem to love our pre-made lunch salads. Brittany from Eating Bird Food tried the Veggie Kale Caesar Salad and called it a “delicious protein-packed lunch.” These salads are perfect when you are running out the door in the morning and don’t want to eat out for lunch.

Veggie Kale Salad


We currently have 11 vegetarian and 3 vegan recipes on our menu and are constantly adding new meals. Many of our customers find themselves trying and loving vegetarian meals even if they are not on a strict vegetarian diet. It’s easy to please everyone in your family by adding a la carte protein like chicken breasts that can be incorporated into any of these meals. Check out these healthy vegetarian meals and more on our full meal delivery menu.


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