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4 Reasons To Love Your Slow Cooker

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Dec 20, '16


A slow cooker is the ultimate lifehack for your fast-paced life, which is why we recently introduced a new line of Fast Prep, Slow Cook meals on our menu. In case you aren’t already in love with your slow cooker, here are the reasons why we simply love using this tool on a regular basis!


1.) The smells.

There is no way we could make this list without ranking the delicious smells that come with a slow-cooked meal as number one! Your home will smell like you have been working in the kitchen all day, which is usually impossible in real life. Coming home to your new favorite Crock-Pot® recipe like our Barbacoa Street Tacos after they have been ering all day is enough to make your day instantly better.



2.) Super simple.

Making your own meat sauce with tons of vegetables can be a simple process, we promise. Our Meaty Red Sauce and Pasta meal kit only requires 15 minutes to prep because the ingredients are delivered already chopped and ready to put into your slow cooker. You will be able to get this meal started even on the most hectic morning (trust us on this one). When you’re ready to eat dinner, your last (and super easy) step is to make the pasta and enjoy!



3.) Hands-off cooking.

Our new slow-cooker recipes only require a few minutes to get going. Our Curry Vegetable Soup takes just 10 minutes to prep and then it is 100% hands off while you go about your day! You don’t have to know how to use a slow cooker to get started. We've done the hard work for you including telling you how long to slow cook each recipe. (Six hours is what we recommend for the curry soup.) Use your extra time to check things off your to-do list (or enjoy a little relaxation), knowing that a healthy meal is literally waiting for you when you get home.



4.) Minimal clean up.

Using a slow cooker instead of braising, roasting and grilling using multiple pans cuts down clean up significantly. Take the mess-free approach one step further by using a slow-cooker liner. This is the one slow-cooker instruction you do not want to skip! Using a liner will eliminate soaking and scrubbing; just throw away the liner once the meal is served.



Try one of our new Fast Prep, Slow Cook meals in your next meal delivery kit from Terra’s Kitchen. Our full menu of over 40 options includes everything from cold-pressed juices and salads to snacks and healthy dinners. Click below to learn more and get started. 

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