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4 Tips for Meal Planning During the Holidays

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Tue, Nov 29, '16

Meal planning around shopping, work events, fitness classes, your kids’ activities and other commitments is challenging enough without it being the holiday season. You don’t have to give up on homemade dinners simply because the upcoming pages of your calendar are packed with seasonal commitments. Having a meal plan of quick dinners minimizes stress, keeps you on track, and saves a bit of money is always a good thing, especially this time of year. Use our steps to master meal planning this holiday season before you turn the page for the new year.

1. Create a [flexible] plan. To start, take stock of the commitments that are already on your calendar. Of course, these might continue to grow, and that’s okay. Decide which days you have time to cook and eat as a family, which days you will be eating elsewhere (like at a party), which days you need something to eat while on the go, and which days you need to play by ear. Be realistic with your plan. With our meal delivery service, you can customize the number of meals you receive on a weekly basis, skip weeks, and even trade dinner kits for Grab n’ Go items. Choose the menu mix that works best for you.


2. Use shortcuts. Don’t work harder than you have to. You are going to be spending time shopping, wrapping gifts, and attending parties, so save your energy for those tasks. There is only one of YOU and a limited number of hours in the day, so automate dinner as much as possible. Take advantage of our pre-prepped ingredients that are already washed, peeled and chopped. We love chopping so you don’t have to. Some of our customers have told us that they use our meals for weekday meal prep. We tried it using our Cauliflower Fried Rice for 4 days of meal prep and we are in love. Lastly, don’t forget that you can purchase a la carte proteins like bacon and chicken tenders along with your meals to eliminate unnecessary trips to the grocery store.


3. Stay balanced. Plan smart indulgences so you can stay on track with your health goals. The holidays are traditionally a time for indulging, and that is okay as long as you plan accordingly with a mindful approach to eating. Use healthy homemade dinners to save on calories and ensure you are getting nutrients from whole foods. Choose recipes that are balanced and plant strong since your typical holiday party fare might not be! Our menu is full of low calorie, Paleo and gluten-free meals that will help to balance out holiday treats in combination with exercise.


4. Optimize outside of dinner. Dinner isn’t the only thing you need to think about with your meal plan. You will want to plan healthy snacks for possible last-minute entertaining. You don’t want to go to a party on an empty stomach, and you never know who is going to pop by this time of year. Don’t be caught off-guard! Some of our Grab n’ Go items like our Hummus with Multigrain Pita & Veggies not only make great snacks, but can be put out for guests in a pinch. Save time packing lunches or leaving the office for lunch by adding a few of our Grab n’ Go salads, snacks and juices to your next order. Having these items ready to go makes mornings easier and can be a life saver if you have to sneak out to do a bit of gift shopping on your lunch break. If you are so busy that you don’t have time to cook dinner, you probably don’t have time to make lunch either. Think about ordering a week’s worth of lunches instead of your usual meal plan. Weekday lunches for two people total about the same price as the three meals for two people subscription.



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