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4 Ways to Fight Colds and Boost Immunity with Natural Ingredients

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Feb 3, '17

It’s cold season, which means it’s time to do everything you can to avoid catching one. You could go to the extreme by washing your hands every 30 seconds, staying away from public transportation and avoiding all activities involving human interaction, but that would be miserable! Here are some of our favorite, realistic and natural ways to avoid getting a cold without sacrificing your social life.

A big part of staying healthy is eating the right foods. In preparation for cold season, add these four ingredients to your diet to improve your immunity and you’ll be ready to handle any germy situation.

  1. Garlic - While you’d think the smell would scare away the germs, garlic’s antibacterial property can help to prevent colds and the flu. As a bonus, garlic enriches the flavor in a lot of different foods, too. Whether you’re a vegetable or meat lover, there many recipes using garlic seasoning. Try our Skillet Lemon Garlic Chicken or Garlic Mushroom Smothered Chicken to add this germ-busting superfood to your diet this week.
  2. Sweet Potato- Never thought sweet potatoes could prevent a cold, right? Wrong! Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamin A which helps protect your skin, your body’s first line of defense in preventing infections. Studies have shown that steaming sweet potatoes, instead of boiling or baking, will preserve the nutrients best! Add some sweet potatoes to your diet on Taco Tuesday with our Sweet Potato Tacos or try our Vegan Power Bowl on Meatless Monday.
  3. Turmeric- This is the new “it” spice! Turmeric offers a lot of benefits, one being that it’s naturally anti-inflammatory, which makes it great for fighting colds. The antioxidant in turmeric, which makes it such a bright orange color, gets absorbed in your body and helps fight the cold. Turmeric mixed with orange, lemon and ginger root make a hearty juice and is just what you need this time of year!
  4. Dark Leafy Greens- The darker the green, the more vitamins the vegetable contains and the stronger your immune system will be. Arugula, spinach, kale and collards taste wholesome and rich when steamed! TK has many meals using kale, like the Chicken with Apple-Onion Chutney and Wilted Kale Salad. TK also offers a Suja Mighty Greens Smoothie, which is full of hearty greens to keep you feeling strong.

Our full menu includes recipes made with antioxidant ingredients that will help you survive cold season this year. Click below to learn more about how easy cooking is with Terra’s Kitchen meal delivery kits and to get started.