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5 Best Foods for Energy

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Apr 20, '17

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It’s 2 o’clock and the dreaded afternoon slump strikes again! There’s a way, other than loading up on coffee and energy drinks, to sidestep that midday crash and productively cruise through the rest of your day. The most helpful thing you can do for yourself is eat a few energy-boosting foods like these:

  1. Quinoa- Packed with more protein than other grains, quinoa is a vegetarian-approved protein that you can eat anytime. It’s nutrient packed for long-lasting energy and adds an extra crunch to salads. Try our new Spicy Quinoa Salad Bowl or any of our other quick quinoa recipes.
  2. Lentils- If you’re on a budget, you can still eat a balanced diet with the help of a $2 bag of lentils. The three most common lentils are brown, red and green and can be found at most grocery stores. Lentils are high in fiber and stabilize your blood sugar so you’ll skip the afternoon crash.
  3. Tuna- This is another great lunch option! Try our fully prepared Tuscan Tuna Salad for an easy lunch on the go. Or if you feel like cooking, buy fresh tuna, squeeze on lemon juice, sprinkle with pepper and pop it in the oven.
  4. Eggs- For some extra protein, you can add an egg to almost anything. Eggs are a great addition to some of our meals like our Vegetable Fried Rice or even any meatball recipe. Regardless of if you have extra hardboiled eggs or eggs still waiting to be cooked, there are many ways to use eggs in your recipes
  5. Yogurt- Start prepping early for the day by enjoying Greek yogurt with granola or fruit on top. For an even healthier option, buy plain Greek yogurt and sweeten it with honey, natural sugars or fruit.

If you’re someone who sips coffee all day to stay awake, check out 14 Energizing Drinks (other than coffee). Learn more about eating right with the Terra's Kitchen Real Health Plan, and to skip the meal prep, see our full menu for guaranteed foods to give you energy!


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