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5 Day Detox Meal Plan

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Apr 14, '17

Ready to give your diet a jump start for spring? The best way to start eating better is to use a simple meal plan and start now. Committing to a week of clean eating is an attainable goal and a good way to reset as you reevaluate your eating habits. This detox meal plan uses some of our new favorite low-calorie recipes. It’s based on our Real Weight-Loss Plan for females (1200 calories per day) and is designed to be nutritionally balanced, plant-strong, and even leaves you a few extra calories on Friday for a glass of wine. Get ready to feel amazing, Cheers!

Day 1

Breakfast - Avocado Toast (½ avocado on 1 slice multigrain bread) 250 calories

Lunch - Lean Green Salad 466 calories

Snack - Siggi’s Greek Yogurt 100 calories

Dinner - Cauliflower Fried Rice 339 calories

Total calories - 1155 calories

Day 2

Breakfast - Spinach & egg 173 calories

Lunch - Gingered Carrot Soup 289 calories

Snack - Red Grapes 150 calories

Dinner - Grilled Chicken Tacos 439 calories

Total calories - 1051 calories

Day 3

Breakfast - Mango & Blueberries 100 calories

Lunch -  It’s Greek To Me Salad 394 calories

Snack - Almond butter 190 calories

Dinner - Curried Chickpea Bowl 460 calories

Total calories - 1144 calories

Day 4

Breakfast - Apple A Day Smoothie 188 calories

Lunch - Chicken Sesame Salad 390 calories

Snack - Edamame 90 calories

Dinner - Orange Glazed Salmon 358 calories

Total calories - 1026 calories

Day 5

Breakfast - B’more Organic Mango-Banana Smoothie 120 calories

Lunch - Gingered Carrot Soup 289 calories

Snack - Apples 97 calories

Dinner - Terra Buddha Bowl 407 calories

Total calories - 913 calories

Get ready to feel amazing with this clean eating meal plan. Of course you can cook these meals on your own using our free recipes online, or you can order our meal kits with prepped ingredients to make things even easier.

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