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5 Easy Dessert Recipes Using Strawberries

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Wed, Jul 12, '17

If you usually crave something sweet after finishing a meal you aren't alone! The desire to eat something sweet is actually a physiological reaction. Dessert doesn't have to be totally unhealthy to be delicious. Sugar produces serotonin which makes you feel happy and calm, but you can get the same sweet, mood-boosting benefits from desserts that rely on seasonal fruits for some of their flavoring. Here are five easy dessert recipes using strawberries that we are adding to our summer meal plan!

1.) Crisp and Easy Strawberry Tarte

While this goat cheese and strawberry tarte looks technically difficult, we promise, its simple to execute. Just make sure you have firm and fresh strawberries (you can order them from TK!) to make the precise cuts easy.

Photo by: Chia Chong

2.) Styled Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies aren't just for breakfast and post-workout boosts! We love blending up a sweet treat for dessert as well. To make your smoothie feel a little extra decadent, try our smoothie bowl styling tips for an instagram-worthy finale to your meal.

3.) Fresh Picked Strawberry Bread

When you have too many ripe bananas what do you do? Make banana bread! Well, you may not know that strawberries work exactly the same way. When they are a little too ripe to eat, they're perfect for this recipe. This strawberry bread with balsamic strawberry butter is a decadent after-dinner treat, and you can even enjoy the leftovers the next day (for breakfast maybe?). It only takes 20 minutes to make two loaves, so you'll have plenty to share!

Photo by: Chia Chong

4.) Homemade Strawberry Ice cream

Everybody likes ice cream, especially in the summertime! Make your own strawberry ice cream or experiment with different fruits and add-ins. You only need a few ingredients to get started with this recipe!

Photo by: Chia Chong

5.) Grilled Pineapple and Strawberry Pavlova

Don't let this dessert's name intimidate you! A Strawberry Pavlova is designed to sound fancy, but its actually so easy to make that even kids can help putting on the strawberries at the end.

What desserts are your favorites in the summer? Order fresh, prepped strawberries from our meal delivery menu along with your weekly meal kits to give yourself a head start with these recipes.