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5 Facts About Terra's Kitchen's Eco-Friendly Delivery

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Jun 1, '16

Terra's Kitchen eco-friendly vessel

At Terra's Kitchen, we're working to be as sustainable as possible. When making choices about our suppliers and packaging, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment.

Our packaging is often the first thing people notice when they get their Terra’s Kitchen order. Here are 5 things to know about our eco-friendly, scientifically engineered delivery: 

1) Our delivery box is reusable. Our vessel can be reused up to 100 times.!We clean and sanitize each vessel upon return before filling it up with healthy, delicious Terra’s Kitchen meals, snacks, salads and more.

2) We're reducing packaging waste. An average meal prep kit creates 500 lbs per year of cardboard, ice packs, plastic, paper and styrofoam waste. Our ice packs are filled with just water and reused and there's no cardboard or styrofoam waste. We encourage you to recycle or upcycle the ingredient containers.

3) Your food is always fresh. The vessel will keep your food at refrigerated levels until 9pm on your delivery day -- even on the hottest days. Built-in insulation and reusable ice blocks create optimal freshness. (Our vessels go through 15,000 hours of thermal testing!)

4) We're big on food safety. Not only is your food kept at the optimal temperature during delivery, tamper-resistant bands on the outside of the vessel and individual seals on each ingredient ensure safety.

5) We're not the only ones who think it's awesome. Huffington Post named us the "most eco-friendly meal kit," Tech.Co said that "it doesn't cost more to be friendly to the environment with Terra's Kitchen" and The Today Show said that our "delivery is unique among the competition." 

Ready to fill your eco-friendly vessel? Click below to check out our current menu. (First order? Use code BLOG35 for $35 off!)

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