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5 Easy Soup Recipes

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Mon, Dec 12, '16

Cooking soup from scratch doesn’t have to be reserved only for seasoned chefs with plenty of time on their hands. While many soup recipes are indeed daunting due to the number of ingredients and the cook time required, simple soups do exist! Soups are satisfying meals guaranteed to you warm up on a cold day and can even help to keep you hydrated during the winter months. Pack your soup with seasonal veggies and you might even be able to trick your pickiest eaters into trying something new. Think beyond your usual chicken noodle soup with these five easy soup recipes that will help warm you up this winter.

1.) This Turkey Meatball, Kale and Orzo Soup will give you a serious sense of accomplishment. It combines three of our favorite things: homemade meatballs, fresh seasonal vegetables, and of course, cheese! Even with all of those components, you can prepare this soup in only 30 minutes, including prep time with our meal kit!


2.) We suggest making our Mexican Chicken Chili for your next gameday watch party. The lime-infused broth is spicier than it looks thanks to a healthy dose of chili powder, but paired with a medium-bodied American Dark Wheat Ale, it's just the right amount of kick.


3.) Our Cowgirl Chili includes an unexpected ingredient, chickpeas! Not only do they fill the role of beans in your chili, they also serve as croutons on top, adding a healthy, protein-packed crunch to every bite. 


4.) We recently featured this recipe for Coconut Curry Soup on our blog and we can’t wait to make it in the test kitchen on the next cold day. Order some shrimp ahead of time from our a la carte protein menu to make sure you have everything you need.


5.) This creamy Garlic and Potato Soup is the ultimate indulgence for a cold and gloomy day. It only takes about 30 minutes to make from scratch and only requires a few simple ingredients like golden potatoes, onion, garlic, heavy cream, chicken stock and some simple herbs and spices. Pair this soup with one of our TK salads to complete your meal!




Leave the peeling and the chopping to us! When you order a meal delivery kit from Terra’s Kitchen, we do most of the prep work to ensure you are able to put dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less. Click to view our current menu including over 40 meals (including a few cozy winter soups)!