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5 Taco Recipes With A Twist

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Oct 4, '16

Taco Recipes

Tacos will absolutely be a staple on our Terra’s Kitchen menu for the foreseeable future. The oldest item on our menu is currently a taco, and we have written about tacos on the blog before. So why are we talking about them again? Tacos are the most appropriate opportunity to eat with your hands and there are so many kinds out there, you could eat them every day without getting bored. We are constantly refreshing our healthy meal delivery taco kits with new twists. Regardless of the updates we make, we are always mindful to keep the prep time for each under 30 minutes. Here are our new favorite taco recipes and the special ingredients that make each of them memorable.

  1. Bison. We wanted to create a new recipe using this premium protein, but also a taco option that didn’t dirty a ton of dishes. The result was our One Skillet Bison Tacos. Even your pickiest little eaters will love these tacos and you can pat yourself on the back for expanding their palates a little bit. Vegetarian Tacos | Taco Recipes
  2. Veggie. We recently served these Vegetarian Tacos to a room full of food bloggers and they loved them. This is one veggie option that is so packed with flavor that even your omnivore across the table won’t be asking, “Where’s the meat?” Turkey Taco Bowl | Taco Recipes
  3. Turkey. Ground turkey is another great alternative to the beef or chicken traditionally used in your average tacos. Have you ever made your own tortilla chips? It really isn’t that hard, and you will absolutely have time to try your hand at novice chip-making with this Turkey Taco Bowl recipe. Sweet Potato Tacos | Taco Recipes
  4. Sweet Potato. It is no secret that sweet potatoes are among the world’s healthiest foods. These vegan Sweet Potato Tacos pack a surprising amount of spice thanks to the jalapenos in the recipe, but if you prefer your tacos with a little less punch, it’s easy to keep them on the side to be added as desired. Grilled Chicken Tacos | Taco Recipes

  5. Our Secret Sauce. Our original Grilled Chicken Tacos include a sauce is nothing short of amazing. It can be used in so many ways from a veggie dip to a sandwich spread. Even if you think you don’t like goat cheese, just trust us and give it a try!Taco Recipes


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