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5 Tips For Your First Delivery

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Mar 2, '18

Its understandable to have a few questions before your first Terra's Kitchen delivery! Don't worry, we'll be there with you every step of the way. Our care team is available with resources to answer any question you have. In the meantime, here are our top tips for a successful first delivery.

1.) Unpack efficiently

When you're unpacking your Terra's Kitchen vessel, there are a few tricks that will make your life easier! If you live in an apartment or if your packages get delivered far from your kitchen, use a tote to bring your order inside. That way, you won't have to lift the vessel and you won't forget to put your vessel back out for pickup, a win-win!

Tip 1 - Use a tote bag to unpack your vessel 

2.) Organize your fridge

We recommend stacking meal ingredients together so they're easy to find when you're ready to start cooking. Look for the numbers on each container. They correspond to the numbers on your recipe cards. 

3.) Freeze proteins you aren't using right away

As you're unpacking everything in your order, choose which meals you want to cook right away and store the other proteins in your freezer. We ship our proteins frozen to ensure they're always at peak freshness. When you're ready to cook, all you'll need to do is move your protein from the freezer to the fridge overnight to thaw. You can also use a cold water bath to safely thaw proteins if you're short on time.

4.) Follow vessel return directions

Check your label to see if your vessel was delivered by FedEx or UPS. If FedEx delivered, you will peel the top label to reveal the return shipping label. If UPS delivered, your label doesn't need to be peeled, simply place your vessel outside to be picked up the next day. 

5.) Know your options for future deliveries

 Take advantage of our full menu for  future deliveries including lunches, snacks, breakfast and even healthy drinks! Log in to your account to plan your deliveries up to four weeks in advance and choose your meals. If you need to change your delivery day,you can do that by logging in and going to your Account Information page.

How To Change Your Delivery Day

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