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5 Weight Loss Secrets of Busy People

Posted by BurnAlong on Wed, Mar 6, '19

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We’re excited to partner with BurnAlong, an on-demand platform to access hundreds of exercise and wellness classes, available whenever you want on your phone, computer, tablet or TV. Terra’s Kitchen members get a special discount. Visit BurnAlong and use code TK49A for 60% off an annual membership. Be sure to check out the videos of Terra’s Kitchen’s nutrition team!

BurnAlong’s team shared five tips for how they’ve been able to lose weight and keep it off:

1. Schedule your workouts in advance.

Want to hold yourself accountable to making it to the gym or studio? Get it on your calendar! Schedule your weekly workouts so that you can make sure you carve out time to exercise. Sometimes you’ll have a full hour to make it to your favorite group fitness class, and other times you’ll only have 10-minutes to workout as you’re juggling other activities. Pencil it in so you hit those goals.

2. Explore a blend of in-person and online workouts.

Getting to the gym or studio can be the hardest part. Blend in-person and online workouts, like BurnAlong’s 800+ classes. Your favorite instructors motivate you while you exercise wherever you are!

3. Meal prep each week.

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is to meal prep with healthy snacks, lunches, and dinners each week. When your blood sugar plummets and there’s only a vending machine full of chips, you have healthy, clean snacks (already prepped, if you ordered from Terra’s Kitchen!) on hand. 

4. Have an accountability partner.

Having a workout buddy or a meal prepping buddy or a weight loss buddy is SO important. You might not peel yourself out of bed to hit a bootcamp at 6:00 AM by yourself, but you will if your friend is going to be there and they’re counting on you.

5. Join a workout program.

BurnAlong offers free fitness programs to all members that range in style, length and goals. Once you’re enrolled in a fitness program, you’ll have the ability to schedule your weekly workouts (our #1 secret!) and you’ll receive email reminders about upcoming classes. Invite friends to join you in private group sessions (#4 -- that accountability partner) and follow your favorite instructors on BurnAlong.

Terra’s Kitchen members can pair healthy eating with fitness and enjoy 60% off an annual BurnAlong membership using the discount code TK49A. With the membership, you’ll have unlimited access to hundreds of exercise, health and nutrition classes, as well as free guided workout programs that will help you lose weight, build strength and increase muscle definition.

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