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6 Popular Diets Explained (Finally)

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, May 1, '17

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It seems like there is an endless stream of new fad diets, and it can be hard to keep up! Not every diet is right for everyone, so it's important to know the differences and consult with a nutritionist before making any major changes to your diet. Here are some of the regimens we keep hearing about and what they mean.

  • Mediterranean Diet - We love the Mediterranean Diet at Terra’s Kitchen and many of our meals follow the principles of this diet! This diet is plant-strong and features ingredients that are heart-healthy and anti-inflammatory. If you are following this diet, you can expect to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and heart-healthy fats like olive oil instead of butter. Fish is a big part of this diet, especially salmon, along with leafy greens, and whole grains like quinoa.

  • Paleo Diet - The Paleo diet is based on the diet of our ancestors, cavemen! Processed foods like dairy products, grains, legumes, and sugar are not Paleo-compliant because they were not a part of the diet of the paleolithic people. If you are following the Paleo diet, your diet will be full of unprocessed meats, seafood, vegetables, nuts, and oils like avocado and olive oil. Terra’s Kitchen has an extensive Paleo menu to make following this diet easy, just use the filtering on our menu page to find our Paleo meals. You can still get the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet if you are ordering Paleo meals from Terra’s Kitchen because we follow Mediterranean principles when designing our recipes.

  • Gluten-Free Diet - There are many reasons people choose to avoid eating gluten. Some people have an intolerance to gluten, and others suffer from celiac disease. A gluten intolerance can cause uncomfortable symptoms. If you are following a gluten-free diet, don’t worry, there are plenty of foods you can still eat! Here are a few of our favorite gluten-free recipes. Try to focus on the delicious, all-natural foods that are allowed as a part of your diet and consider ordering meal delivery from a service like Terra’s Kitchen that features plant-strong meals that are not only gluten-free, but also follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Whole30 - You can’t talk about fad diets without mentioning the Whole30! You probably know someone who has either attempted this elimination diet or swears by it doing round after round. While elimination diets can be a good way to identify foods that your body can’t easily process, they are difficult to make a lifelong commitment to. With the Whole30 you can only eat vegetables (as much as you want), unprocessed meats, some fruits, and very limited sauces and seasonings. The idea is to get you used to eating foods in their natural state while eliminating things like dairy, wheat, sugars and other preservatives.

  • Raw Food Diet - While this diet certainly isn’t easy, the Raw Food Diet requires you to eat mostly raw foods, or foods not cooked above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Proponents of this diet argue that cooking foods at high temperatures removes many of their nutrients and often adds unnecessary additives. Most people following this diet are also vegan and eat about 80% raw in their diet. If you are thinking about making the change to a raw diet, do your research! You will want to have be a pro at juicing, blending, dehydrating, sprouting, germinating, cutting, chopping and rehydrating all kinds of fruits and vegetables to keep things interesting.

  • Ketogenic Diet - If you’re keeping up with the health food scene, you’ve probably heard of the ketogenic diet. Maybe you’ve already done your research and decided if it’s for you or not. If this is your first time hearing about it, know one thing: it’s definitely a diet you need to do your research on before jumping in. The ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein, low (we’re talking real low … about < 20 grams a day) carb.  Because the keto diet is high in protein, you feel satiated and often more satisfied than with other diets, and the body doesn’t have excess carbohydrates to burn, so it turns to fat, resulting in a faster weight loss. There are a few reasons why this diet can be difficult and may not be right for you. For example, people sometimes experience Keto-Flu in the first few days of the diet, and some people can find it difficult to maintain ketosis. Even one slip-up or cheat meal will knock you out of ketosis and you will have to start the process of entering ketosis all over again.

Which of these diets have you tried? We believe in consulting a nutritionist first before making major changes to your diet to find the one that is right for you. Our meal kits menu at Terra's Kitchen accomodates many of these diets, just use the filtering on our menu page to find meals that are right for you.

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