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6 Simple Fall Trends We Love

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Oct 5, '16

Fall Trends

The leaves are changing, there is a crisp quality to the morning air and fall activities are already in full swing. Don’t forget to take some time to celebrate the season by treating yourself. When it comes to the flavors of fall, pumpkin-spice-everything is everywhere, but we think the essence of fall is much more complex than that. Here are some of our favorite fall trends to get you in the mood for hayrides, raking leaves and Halloween parties.

  1. Coffee. When it comes to coffee, we stand firm that yours doesn’t have to be the iconic PSL, but make sure to switch back to hot coffee from your summer cold brew. Having a warm beverage in the morning will immediately remind you that it really is October. Try switching your usual beans for a seasonal roast, too. We love Ceremony Coffee's Fall 2016 Blend for its honey and citrus aromatics and cinnamon sugar in a rich, balanced cup. Another great option is Blanchard’s Handshake Blend with notes of lush pomegranate and almond butter. Regardless of your roast of choice, you can easily perk up up any normal coffee by infusing with spices like cinnamon or even the obvious autumn choice, pumpkin pie spice. 
  2. Blooms. Flowers have a way of quickly elevating any space and lifting your mood. We love Urban Stems for their same-day delivery and great prices. They design a new seasonal collection every month and share our values by sourcing only fresh, seasonal and sustainable stems. No matter what you choose, your blooms are sure to be on trend. The Dahlia is our favorite pick to liven up your fall tablescape or put a smile on the face of one of your buds. Flowers | Fall Trends
  3. Seasonal Produce. Simply cooking with seasonal produce is another really easy way to mark the change of the seasons. Use ingredients like broccoli, yellow squash, kale or even apples from your local orchard to capture some of the best of the harvest. We have many seasonal ingredients on our current menu. We recommend trying quick dinners like the Turkey Meatball, Kale and Orzo Soup, Asian Beef and Broccoli, or Grilled Chicken with Radish Apple SaladGrilled Chicken with Radish Apple Salad | Fall Trends
  4. Beverages. Pumpkin beer might seem like the most obvious choice this time of year, but there are so many other great options if that isn’t your style. Sometimes the best and most obvious choice is right in front of you, like a German-style beer to celebrate Oktoberfest. Our local brewer Diamondback Brewing recently released an Oktoberfest Beer, which is a classic Marzen-style lager brewed with rich German malts and spicy aromatic hops. Prost! Oktoberfest | Fall Trends
  5. Snacks. Tailgates and even the after school bustle call for some quick, savory snacks that you can pull out in a flash. For these occasions, the Kinderhook Salty Snacks trio of Baked Cheese Stamps, Orange Tarragon Candied Almonds, and Spicy + Smokey Mixed Nuts are sure to both please and impress whoever you are with.Kinderhook Snacks | Fall Trends
  6. Sweets. We couldn’t choose just one sweet, so we narrowed it to three recommendations. The Molasses Spice Cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery are an old-fashioned flavor with a modern kick. You will want to have a cold glass of milk ready for these cookies! If chocolate is more of your go-to, we recommend picking up a bar of the Salazon Sea Salt & Pumpkin Beer Dark Chocolate made in partnership with Flying Dog by infusing their 72% organic dark chocolate with German Hallertau hops and Flying Dog’s pumpkin spice blend. Lastly, if you are looking for a more elevated option, we suggest picking up Videri Chocolate Factory’s Fall Vegan Bon Bon Pack including their Vanilla Cardamom Ganache bonbons and Apple Cinnamon Ganache bonbons. Yum! Salazon Pumpkin IPA | Fall Trends


We hope you will take some time this season to slow down and enjoy some of these flavors of fall. For even more savory dinner delivery options full of seasonal flavors, head over to our full menu and get started.

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