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6 Ways To Reuse Terra's Kitchen Plastic Containers

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Wed, Mar 15, '17

With Terra’s Kitchen, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of a large box or packing materials. We deliver your ingredients in a climate-controlled vessel and pick up the vessel the next day! Once you’ve unpacked all the ingredients and stacked them in your refrigerator, peel off the pre-paid label and leave the vessel on your porch; FedEx will pick it up. Wondering what to do with our recyclable plastic containers, or how to reuse plastic containers from anywhere? We have a few ideas:

1.  Plant your seasonal plants in them. TK containers are the perfect size and shape to plant herbs, flowers and       starter plants. They also look great on your kitchen windowsill!


2.  Organize your junk drawer by giving each office supply its own container. Junk drawers often consists of           paperclips strewn around, rubber bands gone awry, pencils and pens mixed with broken crayons, and kids              hair ribbons. Make it easier on yourself by lining your drawer with TK containers.


3.  Take them to the beach and build fun sand castles! You’re already hauling a lot to the beach; downside the         toy tote and use our containers. TK plastic containers are compact when stacked together and would make a           sweet sand castle.


4.  Reuse the containers by storing leftovers and other food in them. There’s a lot of satisfaction in an                         organized refrigerator, and everyone loves the way theirs looks after a delivery of TK meals. Your fridge can               always look that good when you reuse the containers for all your food!


5.  Use them as gift boxes so your wrapping job is always neat. It’s hard to neatly wrap Christmas and birthday       presents. Put your gifts in TK containers and your wrapping job just got 10X easier.


6.  Recycle them! They stack together nicely so they won’t take up too much room in your recycling bin.


Now you’ll look forward to your Terra’s Kitchen delivery even more! Order your meals for next week to get started reusing those containers. (Want to show us how you reuse your containers? Tag us in your pictures with #arecipeforreallife.)