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6 Ways to Support a Loved One Through Their Weight-Loss Journey

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Jan 4, '17


The time of year has come - gym memberships have been purchased, boxes of junk food have been tossed. Odds are, someone you love has vowed to live a healthier lifestyle in 2017 and in the process, they want to lose weight. That’s great, but what does that mean for you, the support system? Maybe you’re not on the same sugar-free train, but there are definitely steps you can take to make sure you’re their best weight-loss cheerleader.

  1. Be there for them. This one sounds easy -- too easy --but believe us, just being supportive can often times prove to be a difficult feat. Being there for your loved one means always having an open ear to listen to their weight-loss ups and downs. Do they need to vent? Let them vent! Do they want to celebrate a NSV (non-scale victory)? Celebrate with them! Being there means understanding the importance of the good days and the bad days.
  2. Understand their weight-loss plan. Have they decided to cut down on carbs? Are they trying Paleo, Gluten-free or the Whole30? Maybe they are only allowing one guilt-free dessert a week or trying a diet meal delivery service. Whatever they’ve decided to do, make sure you’re familiar with their plan. Knowing what they’re going through will help you to be a better support system. This also rings true if they’re taking on exercise. Know what classes they’re taking or what their new regimen is, especially if it will affect both of your schedules.
  3. Resist temptation yourself. We know you’re not the one dieting, but being supportive may require a few sacrifices on your end, as well. This means understanding that your person won’t want to indulge in a midnight snack of chips and candy with you, or that they won’t want to split dessert at that restaurant you both love. It’s okay to feel frustration in these instances, but keep in mind that your temptations are also their temptations, only they’re actively working hard to resist them.
  4. Be their friend, not their coach. It’s wonderful that you want to be supportive, and trust us, this means the world to the person going through the journey, but what they need more than anything is a friend, not a coach. More than likely, they’re researching weight loss on their own, so instead of input from you, they just need love.
  5. Join them! It may not be your goal to lose weight, but offering to join them in a class or learn how to make healthier dinners will show your loved one that you’re really in this with them. Participating goes beyond just showing support for their weight-loss journey. The two of you can even take part in challenges like our TK Weight-Loss Challenge.
  6. Celebrate the wins! We mentioned before that you should celebrate with your loved one, but it’s worth reiterating. Really celebrate those scale and non-scale victories! Tracking their progress along with them will show unwavering support. For every small step, give praise. For every big milestone, go big! Maybe a trip to a spa or even some new clothes. For them, just knowing you’re celebrating as much as they are makes every single sacrifice they’ve made worth it.


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