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6 Ways to Think Beyond The Scale

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Thu, Apr 20, '17

You aren’t always going to be celebrating significant weight losses every week along your weight-loss journey. Even if you are following a low-calorie meal plan, exercising regularly and trying to lose weight, you are bound to reach plateaus eventually. In between your scale victories, take a moment to think beyond the scale and notice the ways eating more balanced and nutritious meals is impacting other areas of your life.

    1. Higher energy levels. When you start eating clean, you will probably notice that you have more energy throughout the day without the sugar crashes late in the day that come from many overly processed foods.
    2. Better fitting clothes. Even if the scale hasn’t moved significantly for a few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that your jeans are a little looser. Don’t forget that losing inches is a win too! When you are working out regularly, you are probably losing fat and gaining muscle mass which means you are smaller, but not necessarily losing weight.
    3. Improved vitals. If you’ve visited your doctor lately, they can probably see how hard you’ve been working. The effects of improved diet and increased exercise is often reflected in lower blood pressure and healthier cholesterol levels so don’t be shy about claiming your gains during your physical exam!
    4. You feel amazing. Especially if you are eating anti-inflammatory foods, you might just feel better without being really pinpoint why. Foods that fight inflammation like tomatoes, leafy greens, olive oil and fish like salmon can make a big difference in how you feel overall. Inflammation can manifest as anything from brain fog to joint pain to even things like blood clots and cancer.
    5. Better sleep. In addition to more energy during the day, you are likely to experience better sleep at night. Adhering to a routine and staying active throughout the day can help you to enjoy a more restful night of sleep. Nutrients also play a key role in regulating your sleep patterns. If you’ve changed your diet you are probably getting more vitamin c, lycopene, and possibly even tryptophan which are all known to help you fall and stay asleep.
    6. More confidence in the kitchen. This is a big one! Once you get into the routine of cooking healthy meals, it’s so easy to fall in love with cooking healthy foods! Whether you’re using a meal delivery service like Terra’s Kitchen or shopping and cooking on your own, once you have a little bit of confidence, the sky’s the limit!

Have you noticed any of these changes while following the Terra’s Kitchen Real Weight-Loss Plan? If you are looking for a way to make eating for weight-loss easier, consider trying Terra’s Kitchen meal kits. We deliver ingredients that are already washed, measured and prepped to make healthy eating actually convenient.