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7 Ways To Use Almond Butter

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Wed, May 17, '17

Move over peanut butter fanatics, there’s a new savory, nutty, creamy spread in town. Not only is almond butter full of nutritional benefits, there are literally dozens of ways to use it. It’s packed with vitamin E (more so than it’s nutty buddy) and is an excellent source of protein. Almond butter is a great snack for refueling after a long workout. The protein in almond butter takes longer to break down, releasing a steady stream of energy while you power up. Almonds have been found to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. The heart-healthy fats found in almond butter help lower cholesterol because they are are low in saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat.

If you’re following the Paleo diet, almond butter is a compliant food that you will want in your pantry for sandwiches, snacking and beyond, so stock up! Also, to be completely honest, almond butter is just plain delicious. Whatever your reason for devouring this delicious spread, we have a few favorite ways to use almond butter, how to eat it and what to pair it with:

  • Spread on toast with banana slices. A morning favorite, we like to pair our savory nut butter with the sweetness of bananas. The pairing of the banana’s potassium with the protein of the almond butter makes for the perfect meal for athletes or anyone who is about to (or just finished up) a workout. Use wheat or multigrain bread for a boost in fiber, too!
  • Add to your smoothie. Mix with milk (or a dairy milk alternative such as soy or rice milk), fresh or frozen fruit, and chia seeds for an extremely well-rounded on-the-go breakfast. Our Creamy Chocolate Shake includes almond butter in the recipe adding a ton of protein.
  • Mix into Greek yogurt. Almond butter will help tone down the tartness of plain Greek yogurt while adding an even bigger punch of protein into your diet.
  • Make your PB&J Paleo. Give your favorite classic lunch a makeover by replacing the peanut butter with almond butter.
  • Use in your veggie burger. That’s right, you can use almond butter to bind together the ingredients in your veggie burger such as beans, corn, or oats.
  • Pair with dark chocolate. For a sweet treat that won’t break the calorie bank, dip a square or two of fine, dark chocolate into almond butter. You and your sweet tooth with be satisfied.
  • Bake almond butter cookies. Try subbing in almond butter for a twist on the classic peanut butter cookie or look for a Paleo recipe without flour like this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.

We recently added this Paleo compliant treat to our snack menu for meal delivery and to several of our smoothie recipes. Check out our full menu for more snack and meal ideas to help you with your weight-loss goals.