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9 Spring Health And Fitness Trends We Love

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Apr 14, '17

Now that the days are longer and temperatures are on the rise, it’s time to adjust your fitness routine to align with Spring. Cold weather is no longer a good excuse for exercising exclusively indoors, and there are plenty of new trendy products and seasonal workouts to try with the changing seasons. Here are some of our favorite new health and fitness trends to test out this month.

1.) Competition as Motivation. Something about a little competition just makes you work harder during any workout. Even if you don’t have a committed workout buddy to push you in the gym, you can still get the competitive advantage using wearables! Put on a Fitbit to compete with your friends from anywhere to see who can get the most steps in, or try a class like OrangeTheory Fitness that uses wearables to measure your performance during class. Compete against your classmates or try to beat your top score, either way you’re bound to get a good workout and have fun doing it.

2.) Focus on Recovery. Tools like foam rollers and yoga wheels can make a big difference in your post workout recovery. If you haven’t tried foam rolling, consider giving it a try. A roller can help iron out sore muscles and using things like yoga massage balls and wheels can feel as good as a massage, except you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home! Another way to recover from intense workouts is trying hanging yoga using a yoga trapeze for inversions. Not only is this really relaxing and a good stress reliever, but it can also help you deepen your practice and improve flexibility.

3.) Remote Training. If you thought your trainer would never go digital, you were wrong! With more people working remotely and relying on apps and devices to connect, it comes as no surprise that there are some really good remote training options. One of our favorites is the Peloton bike that allows you to take on-demand spin classes in the comfort of your own home! It’s an investment, but might be worth it if you have a busy schedule and love to spin! A second, more affordable option is to choose a streaming yoga service. Options we love are Gaia (less than $10 per month depending on your plan) and YogaGlo ($18 per month). Don’t forget that you can take your practice outside now that the weather is nice. Choosing remote training has a ton of benefits like working out anytime, no parking, and never worrying about your favorite class being full, plus you will save money in the long run!


4.) Blended Nutrition. Getting a fast, convenient nutritionally balanced meal doesn’t have to mean tons of time in the kitchen! Tons of in-the-know people are turning to juicing, green smoothies and souping to get a dense dose of nutrients, quickly! We recently added a few soups to our menu that we are really excited about like our Gingered Carrot Soup and Butternut Squash Soup that are great for a quick soup detox!



5.) Subscription Services. Whether you are trying a meal delivery service like Terra’s Kitchen or a subscription service for new workout gear, these companies sure make things easier! Recently we have been obsessed with FabFitFun because they send full-sized, amazing beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products quarterly. If you need to upgrade your wardrobe, consider trying SweatStyle or Wantable they do all the hard work and send you some amazing new gear each month.


6.) All Things Outdoors. Things are turning green, the weather is warmer and skies are blue - if you have the chance, get outside! Don’t forget that you can get a great workout in nature! Try to choose at least one day per week for hiking, biking, trail running, or climbing. Studies have shown the many benefits of outdoor exercise to include an improved mental state, a higher likelihood of sticking with your workout regimen, and increased Vitamin D from the sun.


7.) Level-Up With Add-Ins. If you recently started a smoothie habit, don’t miss out on a chance to upgrade your blended drink with add-ins like protein powder, collagen peptides, bee pollen, and other supplements. Depending on your goals there are all kinds of things you can use to up your smoothie game from probiotics like kefir, fiber packed chia seeds, antioxidants like matcha tea and even spirulina which is a type of algae!



8.) Athleisure. Thank the fitness gods of comfy clothing that this trend is not going away! Joggers, sporty bomber jackets, baseball hats w phrases, and leggings with mesh cutouts are here to stay. If you don’t have a pair of woven sneakers yet or a casual pair of tennis shoes in a pastel suede, get one stat! Oh yeah, and the best part of the athleisure trend is the fact that you can wear your activewear just about everywhere and be right on trend!


9.) Alternative Fitness. Working out doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym after work. Unconventional and fun wake-up fitness events like Daybreaker seem to be popping up all over the country. Basically they are early morning dance parties, sometimes with yoga too, on a weekday, all fueled by cold-pressed juices and healthy snacks before you head into the office for your regular workday. If you live near a major city like Washington DC, there might be Daybreaker parties already happening in your area! We love the idea of dancing our way into a great day with coworkers and friends, it doesn’t get more positive than that!


What changes are you looking to make to your current routine this spring? If you are looking to make meal planning and shopping a little easier, consider giving meal kits from Terra’s Kitchen a try! Not only do we take care of the prep work, our meals are calorie controlled and aligned with a variety of different regimens like Paleo and Gluten-Free. Start learning new recipes and saving time as a member of Terra’s Kitchen!