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A 30-Minute Meal That Only Takes 30 Minutes To Cook

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Jan 11, '17

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My friends at work joke that I'm constantly trying out and telling them about new apps and delivery services that are designed to make your life easier. The running joke is that I'm like Stefon from SNL,  who recommends NYC hot spots, but with apps. Since I love trying out new services, I was excited to hear about Terra's Kitchen and give their delivery service of prepped ingredients for meals a try. 
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Whenever I see recipes that are called "30-minute such and such," by now I know better. I immediately think, "Right, 30 minutes if all my ingredients are already chopped, measured and prepped for me, but unfortunately I don't have a magic fairy to do that kind of stuff for me." Turns out, Terra's Kitchen is that magic fairy. To get the process started, I hopped online to browse all of their delicious looking recipes, and I picked out a few that I thought Omied and I would enjoy. I set the delivery date to be the day that we got back from our Spain trip, because I knew there would be nothing in the fridge and we would be hungry and tired when we got home. 
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All of the ingredients for your meals are delivered in a climate-controlled vessel, with everything portioned out for each recipe. The first thing I whipped up was the salmon piccata dish, and it was so easy and delicious! Seriously, I can hardly function when I'm jetlagged, so the fact that I could cook up a yummy, healthy meal without having to think about grocery shopping, portions, or really anything was a god-send. All thanks to the magical fairy that is Terra's Kitchen! ;) Tonight, after a long work week, I made our second dish which was steak fajita bowls, and they were delish too. 
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