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A Day in the Life - Lisa Davis, TK’s Chief Nutrition Officer

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Mar 1, '17

Lisa Davis, Chief Nutrition Officer

March is National Nutrition Month. What better way to kick it off than peek into a day-in-the-life of Dr. Lisa Davis, Terra’s Kitchen’s Chief Nutritionist, who ensures that our meals are well-balanced, nutritious and packed with vitamins and proteins. She is a mother to her daughter, Libby, a wife, a full-time farmer, and a hard-working nutritionist. We asked her to share a day in her (very busy!) life.

Bruno and Mabel Eat.jpg

6:30 AM Wake up and feed Bruno, our Siberian husky rescue

6:45 AM Make breakfast, which is a superfoods smoothie with wheat germ, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and supplements (Vitamin C, B-complex, Omega-3, Biocurcumin, Biosil)

7:00 AM Take Libby, my daughter, to school

7:30 AM Let the chickens and turkeys out (15 hens, 3 roosters, 1 goose, and 2 turkeys)

Me and Cash Mule.jpg

8:00 AM Feed the farm animals, which includes 6 pigs, 5 goats, 5 horses, 4 sheep, 2 mules, 2 donkeys and 2 rabbits

9:00 AM Exercise! Run 3.5 miles, do 20 push-ups and 100 crunches

10:00 AM Work analyzing recipes and responding to media requests for Terra’s Kitchen

12:00 PM Eat lunch, which is usually a TK Salad or Quinoa Bowl and check on the animals

1:00 PM Conference calls and researching and writing scientific claims

4:30 PM Pick up Libby from after-school sports, eat a snack (grapes, nuts, pita chips and hummus or edamame), and check in with my girl

Libby and Muffin the Rooster.jpg

5:00 PM Feed the farm animals and put the chickens and turkeys away for the night

6:00 PM Eat (likely vegetarian) dinner (my favorites: Sweet Potato Tacos or Terra Buddha Bowl) and enjoy some wine (pinot noir or Molly Dooker). Dinner is the time for Table Talk, which usually centers around high school biology with Libby and recent advances in nutrition and obesity with my husband.

7:30 PM Check/Post on Facebook and Instagram

8:00 PM Walk Bruno

10:00 PM Read (often about nutrition, superfoods, longevity, how to raise a teenage daughter)

10:30 PM Fast asleep!


Lisa’s day is full of health and family, which is a great recipe for real life. Want to try the meals that Lisa’s designed? Check out our whole foods menu!

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