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A Denim DIY For Your Dinner Table

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Thu, Sep 22, '16

When it comes to fall fashion, in jeans we trust! Stop torturing yourself fit into last season’s jeans, try upcycling them into a fun indigo tablescape that is anything but basic. To create these adorable denim diy pocket flatware holders for a table of four, you only need one pair of jeans and a good pair of scissors. So pull that old worn pair off the bottom of your pile, and bring them to the dinner table instead and reminisce about where those jeans have taken you.

What you need:

  • One pair of loved jeans that you don’t plan on wearing anymore
  • Sharp craft scissors
  • Optional: hot glue gun

Start crafting:

  1. Carefully cut both back pockets off your jeans. Cut as closely as you can to the border of the pocket without cutting through the top-stitching. You want this part to remain a pocket, but just without the rest of the jeans attached!
  2. Next, cut off the front section of the jeans using the bottom of the zipper as the bottom of your rectangle and the waistband as the top. Don’t cut off the waistband so your front-napkin holders will still have a polished look.
  3. Remove the middle section where the zipper and button are located from the front your jeans. You won’t need this part. Now, you should have two square-ish pieces from the front.
  4. Lastly, fold each of these square-ish pieces in half to create two tall and skinny rectangular pieces featuring the jeans’ front pocket. If you want to secure your fold, you can use a bit of hot glue to hold it in place and keep it from unfolding.
  5. Pop your utensils into the pocket and accent with a cute napkin. Voila!

Now that your table is set, try some of our pico de gallo and tortilla chips as an appetizer, turn on some Neil Diamond, Stevie Nicks, or Lana Del Rey and ask the person across the table from you about their favorite pair of jeans. 


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