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Backyard Campout Staycation Ideas To Try This Summer

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Thu, Jul 6, '17

If your social media feeds are already filled with pictures of your friends taking vacations and exploring the great outdoors, you aren’t alone. If extended travel time away from home isn’t in the cards for you right now, you can still enjoy a peaceful getaway on a tight schedule. You can have a backyard campout staycation any day of the week, complete with everything you need for an express glamping getaway.

Light a campfire in your fire pit, pitch your tent, and grab some blankets. Since you’re only a few feet away from home sweet home, you have the chance to make this the ultimate outdoorsy evening. Here are some staycation ideas to help you take backyard campouts to the next level this summer: 

What to cook:

Grab some foil packets, fire up the grill, and let the aroma of these sizzling kabobs take over your backyard campsite. To add a more relaxing touch to the night, try pairing this with a Vermentino; the lush texture of this light and peppery wine will go well with these Mediterranean flavors.


These Vegetarian Rainbow Kabobs are another option if you are looking for an easy campsite meal you can make on your grill. This colorful meal with sweet lime will add a little bit of zest to your outdoor meal, plus you can eat them right off the skewer, no utensils required! 


While s'mores are undoubtedly a campout essential, there are ways to liven up this snack with interesting recipes. Check out this recipe for homemade lavender marshmallows and dark chocolate melted between two crispy graham crackers that both kids and adults will love. 


Campy movies to top off the evening

Sitting by a crackling campfire is a great opportunity for bonding with your family and nothing reinforces the camping theme more than a campy film. Since you’re probably feeling a little sluggish after eating meal, get out your laptop (and a projector if you have one) and watch one of these camping themed movies:

This classic camping movie is a great choice if you are watching with your kids - although you will definitely enjoy it, too.

This popular comedy from 1998 is a family-friendly movie about a family that takes a camping trip for a summer vacation, filled with great moments that will have you and your kids unable to control your laughter.

 This light-hearted movie will take you through a touching tale of a kid who is attending a summer camp, and plots to run away with a pen pal.

 This classic camping movie is your go-to movie if you want horror - you will definitely get chills. You might want to avoid this one if your kids are watching with you, though.


Make things even easier by ordering meal kits so you can actually sit back and relax during your summer staycation. Terra's Kitchen sends you prepped ingredients so you don't have to worry about washing, chopping, or measuring.