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Featured Recipe: Bang Bang Chicken with Stir-Fried Broccoli Rice

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Jan 19, '18

We can't get enough of our Bang Bang Chicken with Stir-Fried Broccoli Rice recipe. Troy, from our marketing team, recently cooked it in the TK Test Kitchen. Watch below to see how it went.

This 5-step Szechuan dish is ready-to-eat in just 30 minutes. Need more reasons to try this recipe? Here are some of the benefits this recipe provides.

Boost Skin Health
This recipe is high in fat-soluble vitamin A, which helps aids in collagen production and supports skin health.
Balance + Relax
Potassium is essential for proper fluid balance within the body, regulating blood pressure, and it also helps with muscle cramping.
Strengthen Bones
This meal contains Vitamin K, Potassium and Calcium; all essential nutrients for maintaining healthy bones.
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