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Beyond Meat, More Than A Burger

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Jan 7, '19

Beyond Burger Recipes

You probably know Beyond Meat as the plant-based burger that’s ushering in the future of protein, but what you probably didn’t know is that it is so much more than a burger! Even dedicated meat-eaters are fooled by the revolutionary burger that looks, cooks and satisfies like beef. Made with pea protein, the patties are packing 20g of protein and tons of other great claims.

In case you don't want a burger every day of the week, here are a few ways you can use Beyond Burger patties in other recipes.

  1. Beyond Breakfast Sandwich - Make this completely vegan breakfast sandwich and fuel for the day with Beyond Meat.

  2. JJ Reddick’s Mediterranean Beyond Burger - Give your burger some Mediterranean flavor with a little Tzatziki sauce and pita bread.

  3. Beyond Burger Meatloaf - If you’re craving comfort food, this plant-based meatloaf with veggie-based side dishes will fit the bill!

  4. Beyond Burger Lasagna - Vegetarian or vegan lasagna doesn’t have to be without the taste of meat with they Beyond Burger.

  5. Beyond Burger Stuffing - The perfect vegan addition to your traditional holiday feast!

Ready to give Beyond Burger a try? We now offer Beyond Meat burgers on our delivery menu. Sign up or log in to your Terra’s Kitchen to order. You can find Beyond Meat using the ‘Product Type’ filter and choosing ‘Protein.’

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