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Celebrating World Oceans Day Through Sustainability

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Jun 8, '17

Ocean Fishing Boat


Today, June 8th, is World Oceans Day which means we’re celebrating the beauty of our planet’s aquatic life. This year’s theme is “Our Oceans, Our Future.” By taking care of our oceans and practicing eco-friendly habits, we ensure a healthy Earth for future generations.

The oceans do wondrous things. They generate most of the oxygen we breathe, regulate our climate, and provide us with some of our favorite foods. Two ways we can ensure healthy oceans are through seafood sustainability and traceability. Sustainability and traceability are important for not endangering our environments and habitats. Long term eco-friendly efforts benefit everyone, now and in the future.

  • Sustainability means the seafood is coming from sources that can maintain or increase production without jeopardizing the function of affected ecosystems.
  • Traceability means a seafood product can be tracked back through the supply chain to its source, be that a fishery or an aquaculture facility, including all transformations of that product.


We Partner with Environmentally-Conscious Companies

It’s our mission to provide households with fresh ingredients that are sustainable and beneficial for you and your environment. To do so, we partner with companies like Salty Girl Seafood, Rastelli, Quixotic, and Wild American Shrimp to supply our seafood. These companies go through rigorous examinations and assessments to ensure sustainable and traceable products.



1. Salty Girl Seafood follows a 6-Point Sustainability Assessment on all their products. Their six points of interest involve vetting gear types, management structures, population, monitoring, habitat impacts, and socioeconomic conditions in the supply chain. All their fish is traceable back to the fisherman, and they are a 1% For The Planet company, which means they donate 1% of their annual sales to nonprofits.


2. Quixotic do sustainable tilapia farming with a recirculating aquaculture system to raise safe and clean tilapia. A recirculating aquaculture system filters water in and out of the tanks continuously, recycles it, and provides healthy, oxygenated water that keeps the fish happy and energized.


3. Wild American Shrimp follows National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration guidelines to ensure sustainable fishing. Through sound fishery management, Wild American Shrimp can guarantee our fish and shellfish supply will be able to renew itself each year without hurting the oceanic environment.


We believe in a world where green practices are in place to keep Earth rotating for generations to come. Learn how you can participate in World Oceans Day events near you at the World Oceans Day website.

Check out our meal delivery menu for sustainably sourced seafood and take part in bettering our planet.

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