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Winc Wines + TK For National Dessert Day

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Sat, Oct 14, '17

We love it when our favorite things pair so perfectly together, especially wine and dessert! We asked the experts at Winc Wines to help us pair our new desserts with their favorite wines to celebrate #NationalDessertDay and these are the wine pairings they recommend.

2016 The Bluffer Valdiguié

The team at Winc describes The Bluffer as tarte and brambly and its perfect with our Stovetop Blueberry Crisp. As you drink your wine, you'll notice notes of fennel, plum and rhubarb which makes for an interesting and delicious wine!


2016 Finke's Widow Sparkling White Blend

Pair this field blend of Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay with our Quick Salted Caramel Sauce and Apple Slices. It's refreshing, aromatic and the fruity notes pair perfectly with the crisp, sweet apples. Plus, bubbly helps make any meal into a celebration.

2016 Field Theory Albariño

The tropical notes in this textured medium-bodied wine pair perfectly with our Charred Pineapple with Mint Vanilla Yogurt Sauce. Enjoy this crowd-pleasing wine chilled after dinner.


Start sipping these popular wines alongside our new line of healthy dessert recipes. Go to trywinc.com/terra or use code 'terra' at checkout to get $25 off your first month of wine!

To see the Terra's Kitchen meal delivery menu, including the desserts to make for these wine pairings click below.