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Chill Dinner Music: A TK Playlist

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Oct 6, '16

Dinner Music

Fall calls for dropping the needle on chill tunes that are the perfect accompaniment to flannel shirts and your most loved pair of boots. Just because dinner is at the top of your to-do list doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be jamming out to the perfect playlist while you do it. That’s why we took our dinner prep role a little further, with our first monthly dinner music playlist.

Some of these songs you know by heart, and some of them are fresh, but they all have that crisp fall bounce that is simultaneously energetic and relaxing. You know, chill. This playlist was designed specifically for your autumn dinner routine and is paired best with one of the fresh healthy meals from our fall meal delivery kit menu.

Fall Meal Kit Delivery | Dinner Music

To enjoy this playlist:

  1. Press play & turn the music up to a reasonable volume. Then turn it up just a little more.
  2. Prep your TK meal of choice (like Grilled Steak with Chimichurri and Crispy Potatoes).
  3. Dance a little bit and toast with a fall seasonal ale while your pastas is boiling or your steak is grilling.
  4. Eat and have some #TableTalk about anything but politics! You can do so much better than “How was your day?” which is why we include #TableTalk questions on each recipe card to help you keep the conversation lively.
  5. Clean up… but you really shouldn’t have that much to clean up since we did most of the prep work for you.

*Leftovers: Use and re-use this playlist during your morning commute, afternoon workout, or during any late night bonfire session this month! Follow terraskitchen on Spotify for new playlists and musical inspiration every month!


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