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Choosing the Best Meal Delivery Service For Your Family

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Oct 19, '16

 Meal Delivery Service

The promise of more convenient meals made from fresh ingredients is persuading more and more families to try a meal delivery service. Time savings are a huge selling point, but the benefits don’t end there. If you are looking to eat healthier foods, lose weight or start a gluten-free or paleo diet, meal services are often a good place to get started. In addition to helping you make better food choices and avoid the grocery store, a meal kit service can help reduce food waste and minimize the stress often associated with dinnertime.

Regardless of your motivation, with so many options to choose from, deciding between the many brown box services, your local CSA, frozen pre-made meals, and high-end restaurant delivery options can be a challenge. Here are the top features to consider when deciding which meal delivery service is the best fit for you.

Ingredient and meal quality. Meal delivery services are good ways to gain you access to higher quality ingredients regardless of the options in your home town, so make sure you are taking advantage of that. At Terra’s Kitchen for example, all of our beef is organic and grass-fed and our produce is fresher than you will find in the grocery store because we are able to get it to you quicker. Beyond the meal ingredients, make sure the actual meals are healthy too! We work closely with our Director of Nutrition Dr. Lisa Davis, PhD, PA-C, CNS to ensure all of our meals are plant-strong, nutrient dense, and include a variety of healthy options. Weather you are looking for low-calorie dinners or vegetarian options, you can be sure that Terra’s Kitchen will keep you on track regardless of your health goals.

Flexibility. Customization is a feature that we feel strongly about, because we know any delivery service needs to fit into your real life to make sense. Many services require you to commit to a set meal plan for entire month at a time and give you a pre-determined set of meals without any choices from week to week. We constantly offer over 40 meals to choose from including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options. We add new meals twice a month, so you can try something new if you want, or re-order a favorite meal that you can’t wait to eat again. Compare that to similar services who only have 6-10 meals on their menu from week to week, and even fewer to choose from if you have a dietary restriction. At Terra’s Kitchen you aren’t locked into a subscription. Our customers have the option to skip any week, cancel at any time, and our calendar planning tool allows you to plan your weekly meal kits up to four weeks in advance.

Convenience. There is something to be said for skipping the grocery store, but if you have to rush home to prevent your brown box of produce from spoiling or if the ingredients that you get take forever to make into an actual meal, did you really save time? Our meals arrive in a temperature controlled vessel that keeps your food at the optimal temperature until you get home. When you are ready to unpack your food and start cooking, you will have a head start because the ingredient are washed, and the prep work is either started or completely done for you. This way, you still get the fun experience of cooking a healthy meal from scratch without all of the tedious prep work and extra dishes clean up. When it comes to the cooking process, one option is to challenge yourself in the kitchen with complicated techniques and unfamiliar ingredients or you can try a pre chopped meal kit like ours that only take 30 minutes from start to finish.

Versatility. While many meal delivery services tout the fact that you can skip the grocery store by ordering their meal kit, is this really accurate? Not all services offer options that make your daily meals like breakfast and lunch easier beyond. The Terra’s Kitchen menu includes a la carte proteins like chicken tenders and bacon, whole wheat pastas, portable smoothies, lunch salads and other snacks that make healthy habits easy for any meal of the day.

Waste. Compared to grocery shopping, meal delivery services help to reduce food waste by sending perfectly portioned ingredients. In a country where so much food ends up in the landfill, this is a huge win. When thinking about waste though, think beyond portion sizes. Food waste can also come from meals that you don’t have time to cook because the process is too laborious. Our pre prepped ingredients help ensure the cooking process is not such a drain on your time that you decide to eat out instead of cooking your meal kits. While some services may eliminate food waste, they create excessive waste in their packaging. From ice packs to insulation to brown boxes, many of these things end up in the landfill which is why we use an eco-friendly vessel that can be reused up to 100 times and the minimal packaging inside is all reusable or recyclable.


The true value of a meal delivery service lies in how seamlessly it fits with your real life. Click below to learn more about how Terra’s Kitchen works and to save $30 OFF your first order.


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