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Cold Pressed Juice from Suja

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Wed, Oct 19, '16

Juicing is a popular way to add nutrients to your diet. Making fresh juice from raw ingredients at home requires constant shopping for ingredients, and can sometimes make a mess. It comes as no surprise that enthusiastic juicers often lose momentum, abandoning the expensive machines they bought for their juicing initiative. Unsatisfied with the juices they were finding in local health food stores in San Diego, the founders of Suja set out to create a convenient, high quality alternative to at home juicing.

The four founders teamed up with the shared goal of creating the best organic and Non-GMO juices and getting them in the hands of as many people as possible. Suja, meaning long, beautiful life, aims to help people transform their lives through convenient and conscious nutrition which made it a great fit for Terra’s Kitchen.

Suja is an organic, vegan cold pressed juice that we are proud to offer for home delivery at Terra’s Kitchen. Cold pressed juice is different from most traditional bottled juices because of how it’s sanitized during the bottling process. Many bottled juices are pasteurized which deactivates bacteria using heat. This reduces the nutrients content which isn’t ideal. Cold pressed juice, however, uses pressure to destroy the pathogens that would otherwise cause fresh juice to spoil without any negative impact to the nutritional value. 

All of Suja’s juices are dairy, soy, gluten free with no added sweeteners. They are a great way to drink the daily nutrients your body needs while you are on the go and help to maintain overall health. We currently offer two of Suja’s classic cold pressed juices with your home meal delivery kit. Both make great breakfasts or healthy snacks that are easy to grab and go.

Mighty Greens is a green drink you shouldn’t be afraid of. It is made from just three simple ingredients, kale, apple and lemon  that will make your body sing. Berry Goodness might taste like a dessert, but it is good for you (and with no added sugars)! The recipe is a slightly more complicated, but still 100% natural, combining apple, almond milk, blueberry, water, chia seed, lucuma, cinnamon, and vanilla bean to make the perfect treat.


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