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Digital Trends Names Terra's Kitchen "Most Sustainable Option" of Meal Delivery Plans

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Thu, Nov 2, '17

The Most Sustainable Option - Terra's Kitchen

Digital Trends recently named Terra's Kitchen "The Most Sustainable Option" in their roundup of "These meal delivery plans offer something for even the pickiest of eaters." Read the full article here.


Why you should buy this: Terra’s Kitchen provides a clever solution to the problem of packaging waste.

Who it’s for: Those who crave convenience and simplicity will love Terra.

How much it’ll cost: Meals start at $9.99 per person.

Why we picked Terra’s Kitchen: Meal kit delivery services may be awesome, but one downside is that there tends to be a lot of packaging waste, what with all the bags and boxes holding the various ingredients of your meal. Terra came up with a nifty solution by shipping meals to customers in a “vessel” that is similar to a plastic miniature refrigerator. Simply pop open the lock to reveal your ingredients, and when you’re done unloading, lock it back up and leave it on your doorstep for the shipper to pick up the next day. Terra also gets extra points for its simplicity. Vegetables come already chopped, and sauces are ready to use. [ ... ] if convenience and ease are what you crave, then Terra will have you covered.

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