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Don't Forget These Healthy Game Day Essentials

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Tue, Nov 6, '18

Football Snack Centerpiece

From the tailgate to the concession stand, temptations abound for football fans on game day. Doing game day the healthy way takes a little preparation and commitment, but it is possible! Sports are supposed to be good for your health, after all! It can be hard to resist cheating once the scents of stadium snacks fill the air and your team just scored a touchdown. Pack smart so you’re stocked with everything you need to stay focused all day long.
1. King’s Row Nitro Cold Brew
If you aren’t ready to crack open a beer at 8 am, you aren’t alone. That’s why we love this canned nitro cold brew for tailgate mornings. It looks like beer (so nobody will give you a hard time for not wanting a drink), it’s easy to throw in your bag, gluten- and dairy-free and pretty much the best coffee we’ve ever tasted.

2. Plant-Based Burgers

Ever since we first tried the Beyond Meat® burger, we've been obsessed with these plant-based burgers. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just trying to make better choices, the Beyond Meat® burger checks all the boxes. We love this company because they're dedicated to making alternative proteins so delicious that even meat-eaters love them. Give these burgers a try at your tailgate and see what people think!

3. A Filtered Water Bottle

It’s a little known fact that most stadiums will let you bring in an empty water bottle and they usually have ample water fountains to fill them with. This small hack will save you from standing in long lines and wasting money on expensive bottled water. Choose a bottle with a filter like the Sport Berkey Water Bottle and you can feel good knowing you’re drinking the good stuff.

4. Protein Bars
Having a healthy snack, like an RBar, waiting in reserve is always a good idea. They’re the perfect snack, because you’re probably going to need a little more sustenance than chips and dip and you can even coordinate the color to support your favorite team. Going to see the Ravens? Bring Peanut Butter and Jelly RBars to show your purple pride!

5. Veggie-Packed Chili
Chili is one of the healthiest things you can bring to eat on game day. It’s full of fiber, packed with protein and usually has quite a few vegetables. It’s also easy to throw in a crock pot or to simmer on a camp stove at your tailgate. Our Mexican Chicken Chili or Hearty Sweet Potato Chili are both guaranteed winners.

6. Sunscreen
As fall turns to winter, sun protection is something that is often forgotten. You’re going to be outside all day, so you will want a little sun protection for any areas that are exposed. Think about wearing a hat and choose SPF 30 or higher to ensure you’re getting good coverage.

If you’re headed to a college or NFL game, we recommend double checking to make sure your bag complies with the stadium’s bag policies. Some have strict size requirements, but you can always leave any non-compliant items at your tailgate when you go into the game!

We hope these tips make game day a little healthier and more convenient. Log in to your account or sign up now to add some of these items to your next delivery today.


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