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Stop Dieting and Get Back To The Basics

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Mon, Oct 22, '18

Learning a new set of rules every few months can be enough to make your head spin. Some regimens require you to keep a close watch on macros while others strictly prohibit or limit certain ingredients. Finding what works can be a lot of trial and error. Instead of following what’s popular, have you considered stepping back from meticulously measuring ingredients and trying a non-diet diet? It really is possible to take a break from the madness without sacrificing results.

Our new Lean + Green recipes will help you get back to the basics. We used simple, healthy ingredients to create 10 different meals that are designed for weight loss and can also be used for meal prep. Try following these tips to create your own back to basics meals.

1. Use a simple formula
As you’re filling your plate, look at what’s there and check the following: Is your meal is plant-based? Is it nutritionally balanced (protein and fiber)? Are you using natural ingredients like vegetables and high-quality meats? And is the portion size reasonable? Follow this simple formula to create meals that will keep you full and ensure you aren’t loading up on extras like added sugars.

2. Cheat smart
Now we aren't advising adding cheat days into your plan. However, you should always take the easy road whenever possible. Meal kits like Terra’s Kitchen take the guesswork out of meal planning and we do some of the prep work too. You’ll also learn a ton of new skills as you cook along with our menus. The Lean + Green recipes reuse a lot the same ingredients, making them easy to make ahead of time on your meal prep day to save even more time.

3. Never compromise on taste
Just because a meal is healthy doesn’t mean it can't still taste great. Dieting shouldn't be synonymous with suffering! When you’re putting together your meals, try adding flavor with spices or citrus to create an interesting flavor profile.

4. Everything in moderation
This might sound obvious, but the old rule “everything in moderation” is one to live by. Our Lean + Green recipes are lower in calories, fat and carbs to promote weight loss. You can still fill your plate with fiber-rich vegetables stay full long after mealtime is over. If you want a dessert or other treat, that’s okay, just look for better-for-you options without added sugars and of course, don’t go overboard.

If you’re ready to get started, join our Facebook group, Healthy Eating Made Easy to get our free Lean + Green recipe collection download. Or, use the Lean + Green filter to add any of these recipes to your next Terra’s Kitchen delivery. No matter where you are in your clean eating process, these recipes will make things easier.

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