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Eat Your Way to Hydration

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Wed, Feb 8, '17


We all know the importance of keeping hydrated. Our bodies are comprised of 60% water, so it’s important to maintain that balance. Not only is water good for your skin, brain, and muscles, but drinking enough helps flush out toxins and maintain weight control. Experts recommend 8 ounces of water a day, but that can often be hard to do. There’s good news! There are plenty of nutrient-rich foods out there with high water content that not only benefit your whole body, but keep you hydrated as well.

  • Cucumbers. Comprised of a whopping 97% water content, cucumbers are perfect to slice for salads, on sandwiches, or eat them alone for a satisfyingly crunchy snack. Think of them as the Switzerland of produce. Their extremely neutral and cool taste please even the pickiest of eaters. Fun fact: cucumbers have the highest amount of water content of any solid food and we use them in several of our recipes including the Greek Pasta Salad and in our chickpea and cucumber salad. Now that’s juicy news.
  • Iceberg Lettuce. Though underappreciated for its seemingly lack amount of vitamins, iceberg lettuce packs a hydrating punch of water (95.6%!) in every bite. When building salads, it’s often overlooked for it’s nutrient-rich counterparts such as spinach and kale, but we wouldn’t be so quick to write off iceberg. The crunch and mild taste is make this lettuce the perfect accompaniment for any salad or sandwich. Just make sure you’re loading up on other nutrient-rich veggies!
  • Celery. There’s the age old myth that celery is a negative calorie food - meaning you burn more calories eating it than you consume. Unfortunately, it’s just that: a myth (sorry folks). But, the high water content of this 6 calorie veggie - 95.4% - does make it an excellent choice when you’re craving a crunchy snack. Celery contains folate and vitamins A, C, and K and is known to neutralize stomach acidity. We give this treat two stalks up.
  • Green Peppers. You may be wondering why green peppers, more than their red, orange, and yellow counterparts, are the heavy hitters when it comes to hydration. At 93.9% water content (other shades clock in at around 92%), green wins out. Peppers, like the ones in our fajita mix, are filled with antioxidants so really, whichever color you prefer, you can’t go wrong.
  • Watermelon. Well, this one is a no brainer. Water is in the name! Not only is the tried and true watermelon packed with the good stuff (91.5% water), but it’s also rich in lycopene, a cancer-fighting antioxidant. Perfect in salads, wrapped inside proscuitto, or by itself, reach for the green and pink fruit on a warm summer’s night for maximum enjoyment.
  • Broccoli. These magical little trees are filled with 90.7% water when consumed raw. Besides water, broccoli contains high amount of  fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which makes it the perfect veggie -- and fun to eat. Remember pretending they were little trees when you were a kid?
  • Soups. It’s no secret that when we workout, we lose our body’s hydration through sweat. It’s easy to regain in the summer months with tons of cold water and other juicy fruits, but what about winter when our natural instinct is to curl up under the blankets by a roaring fire? The answer lies within that comforting bowl of warm soup. So many soups contain a fair amount of salt content, which is key in electrolyte replenishment. Homemade soups are best (like the soup recipes on our current menu), as you don’t want to overdo it on the sodium.



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