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Father's Day Food Lessons

Posted by Justine Fritz on Sun, Jun 18, '17

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Every year when Father's Day rolls around, its nice to reflect on how our dads have helped make us the people we've become. Last year we reflected on the things our dads taught us about life from career advice to general survival. We're fortunate to have some pretty fantastic men in our lives.

This past week we've enjoyed a little #tabletalk in the office about the things our dads taught us about cooking. Here are a few of the things our dads cooked well (or not so well), our Father's Day food legacies.

"My dad taught me to catch crabs on the Magothy River. He would take me out in the boat to run the trot line with him. To prepare the feast we would steam crabs with corn (still in the husk) in a large pot covered in Wye River seasoning, vinegar and sea salt. The best thing he taught me about preparing a crab feast is to "throw the females back and never steam the teenagers.""



"The one thing my dad taught me about food was to always eat dessert! There's a saying on his side of the family "I don't have a sweet tooth, they all are.""



"Whenever my mom wasn't home for dinner, my dad would make us "Noodles, Peas, and Cottage Cheese" for dinner. Literally just those three ingredients. No seasoning or anything, but it rhymed! It was only a few years ago that we realized that definitely not something normal people eat for dinner."



"My dad taught me that cold pizza is delicious the next day and to put ketchup on my scrambled eggs. He also has a strange preference for instant coffee."



"My dad only taught me how to husk corn! We had an acre of property (#countrygirl) and he had two big corn fields. He'd pick it all and then my brother, sister and I would all husk."



"My dad used to always make an amazing dipping/burger sauce when we’d grill. When asked, it was always a “secret recipe” and thinking back on it, it’s pretty crazy i never saw him actually making it. Turns out it was just mustard and barbecue sauce mixed to this perfect golden brown color."



"My dad taught me the importance of Sunday family dinners. We had them every Sunday and it was basically a requirement to have some sort of pasta dish. He also taught me how to make a killer fried bologna sandwich."



"My dad used to make rotisserie chicken on the grill, and now that I’m a dad and grandfather I make ribs and chicken wings for my kids and grandchildren.”



Today as you spend time with the important men in your life, take a few minutes to reflect on the fun meals and food memories you have with your dad. We would love to hear what your dad taught you! Share your memories with us on social media using #terraskitchen.


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