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Flower Arranging 101 - From Grocery Store To Gorgeous

Posted by Terra's Kitchen on Fri, Feb 9, '18

Flower Arranging 101

From flatware to fancy napkins, there are plenty of ways to add polish to your dinner table. Fresh flowers are one of our favorite ways to elevate a meal or make your special someone feel loved. Fortunately, this hack doesn’t require pre-planning or dropping serious dough on designer blooms. All you need is a quick trip to your local grocery store and a little imagination.

Welcome to Flower Arranging 101. Grocery store flowers are often perceived as cheap or low quality, but by removing the cellophane wrapper and adding a little personal touch, you can turn supermarket flowers into beautiful masterpieces. We recommend choosing bouquets of a single color and type of flower (not the mixed bouquets) for the most impactful presentation. Look for the prettiest and freshest flowers on display and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

We recently stopped by our local grocer in preparation for Valentine’s Day and these are our favorite 5 arrangements using basic flowers you can find at any standard grocery store.

Pink Carnations

Carnations are the epitome of simple flowers. We cut them short and dropped them into a pretty handled mixing bowl. With these blooms in the middle of your table, this is the perfect chance for #tabletalk about that time someone gave you a carnation boutonniere or corsage.

Simple Flower Arrangements



While a single daffodil is said to be bad luck, if you give someone a bouquet of daffodils, it is said to bring great happiness. We dropped a daffodil bouquet into an inexpensive glass vase that has been covered with two colors and thicknesses of grosgrain ribbon. Put this arrangement on your table, turn on Happy by Pharrell Williams and get ready to dance.Daffodils


If you need to make a lasting impression, consider buying tulips! During the Dutch Golden Age in the 1600s, tulips were prized possessions and could cost a year’s salary for a single bulb. Fortunately, they aren’t that expensive anymore and are plentiful starting this time of year with their peak in April and May. When arranging tulips, instead of one larger arrangement, use the individual stems in thin bud vases to show off the beauty of each perfect flower.Tulips

Shamrock plant 

Most grocery stores also stock live plants, which are longer-lasting options for centerpieces and gifts! Shamrock plants are in season in the fall and spring, so your local store may have some in stock now. In this arrangement we used a few simple ingredients from our pantry. A live shamrock plant was removed from its pot and dropped into an inexpensive glass vase that was lined with asparagus spears and tied with bakers twine on the outside.Shamrock Plant Flower Arrangement

Baby’s Breath

Yes, Gypsophilia (aka Baby's Breath) can be stunning! Don’t overlook this simple and inexpensive flower. It doesn’t have to be relegated to a filler with roses. We dropped it into a colorful water pitcher that we already had in our kitchen for the perfect centerpiece!

Baby's Breath Arrangement

To make your simple flower arrangements last, be sure to cut the stems at an angle and change the water at least every other day. Keep them out of direct sunlight so they last as long as possible.

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