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Blogger Round Up: Food & Mommy Bloggers Put TK to the Test

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Mon, May 23, '16

Putting Terra’s Kitchen To The Test In Real Kitchens

The test kitchen isn’t real life - we know that, which is why we wanted to do a reality check with our product. So we asked some of our favorite food bloggers and mommy bloggers to put TK to the test to see how it would perform during their hectic real lives. We sent vessels to families big and small and when Terra’s Kitchen showed up on their doorsteps, everything you can imagine was still happening. Here are a few things they had to say about their experiences.

1) “It is all the things I want for my family (but don’t always have the time to source or shop for) delivered straight to my door.” - Molly from MommyCoddle

[photo courtesy of MommyCoddle]

2) “For three glorious days I didn’t scramble at the last minute to figure out what to cook for dinner.” - Melissa from The Happier Homemaker

3) “All ingredients arrive in a crazy-cool ‘vessel’ that is literally like a traveling fridge and completely reusable” - Amy from Teach Mama

4) “For real! I actually timed each recipe and the 30 minutes or less promise is legit!” - Brittany from Eating Bird Food

[photo courtesy of Eating Bird Food]

5) “[Terra’s Kitchen] provided us with real meals I could really make on a Tuesday... So much easier than basically everything I’ve ever tried ever on Pinterest.” - Amanda from DudeMom

[photo courtesy of Dudemom]

5) “Cooking these meals got me a lot of brownie points with Em because I actually made something that wasn’t burnt or bought from a restaurant.” - Hudson from Hudson & Emily

[photo courtesy of Hudson & Emily]

6) “We came home from the gym, whipped up our yummy dinners and had time to spare to enjoy each other’s company (and catch up on some TV).” - Jessica from Savory Experiments

7) “Two pans and less than 30 minutes later and we had a delicious dinner that was full of flavor and didn’t have us dialing up the local takeout place.” - Shannah from My Suburban Kitchen

To hear more about how Terra’s Kitchen works, and to try some recipes for yourself click here to get started!

[photo courtesy of My Suburban Kitchen]