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Analysis: What The Health (+ Free Vegan Cookbook)

Written by Terra's Kitchen | Fri, Jul 14, '17

You may have heard buzz about a Netflix documentary called What The Health. The film explores the possible health implications of consuming meat and dairy products, in connection with some of the lesser known coordination practices of well-known government, health and pharmaceutical organizations. The film’s director, Kip Andersen, makes the argument that eating a plant-based diet that avoids meat and dairy provides for the best health outcomes for most people.

Throughout the film he interviews non-profit organizations, residents in farming communities, and leading health experts to fully expose into the factors that influence which foods we perceive to be healthy in the US and why. The film comes to the final conclusion that avoiding meat, dairy and other processed foods can help prevent (and possibly reverse) major and chronic diseases better than other medical interventions.

It’s easy to see why this eye-opening film is sparking so much conversation. It challenges the way many people think about nutrition, agriculture and our food system as a whole.

Our Terra’s Kitchen Nutrition team bases our recipes on the principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle, a diet high in plants foods and healthy plants fats, and minimal meat and dairy. A Mediterranean-style diet is naturally high in important phytonutrients and much needed fiber. This way of eating has been associated with improving cardiovascular health and metabolic syndrome.

Additionally, we  score all of our meals for overall nutrition using the Terra’s Kitchen Nutrition Score. It evaluates daily values of key nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, fiber content and we also take in unhealthy fat (saturated fat and cholesterol) into account. Plant-based diets have been associated with improved cardiovascular health and glycemic control due to its limited/absent intake of processed meats, saturated fat and iron.

If you consume meat as a part of your diet, look for options that are hormone and antibiotic free (all of ours are!) and also organic when possible. The key to choosing the best diet for you is very personal, consult your doctor or nutritionist when making these choices. Meal delivery services like Terra’s Kitchen can make discovering new plant-based recipes convenient and fun. 

WTrying new vegetarian and vegan meals  just one day a week for Meatless Mondays is a great way to get started! e recently released a FREE RECIPE DOWNLOAD that includes 12 of our favorite vegan recipes.  Try new vegan meals that are still high in protein from ingredients like chickpeas, quinoa and tofu.